Temptation Dilemmas and Confident Decision-Making

I’ve been privileged to assist clients this week with making decisions based around temptation. The dilemmas arose because they had been offered opportunities which were not central to their business and so they didn’t know whether to welcome these with open arms for the fee or turn them away as distractions.

If I talk to you, I can usually tell because your voice will give me the clues. Often the hairs will rise on my arms as I hear your energy change when you talk about the right choice, the right one for you. But how can you make these sorts of decisions for yourself if I am not your coach?

It may come down to a choice between something you think you ought to do – for the money – and a sense of compromise. You thought you’d left that world to do something you prefer and you are being sucked back in. It feels like a temptation and not in a good way. Perhaps you sense The Universe is testing you at some level to see if you have the courage of your convictions?

And yet the fee would pay your overheads for a few months and that’s very valuable. That would bring peace of mind which would enable you to focus on your new toys and not stress about money. ¬†And if life is a bit financially precarious, who could blame you for finding that desirable too, albeit in a different way?

I think in our heart of hearts we know. You might decide to take the opportunity and stash the fee somewhere which will make you feel warm and safe. And in accepting the opportunity maybe there’s a way to see it as a good thing, see the gems within it. Maybe it’s the nearest money right now and that’s very welcome. Maybe you’ll meet some interesting contacts for your own business. Maybe you’ll have fun. Maybe it’ll be easy.

Maybe it’s flattering that a couple of local businesses want your skills at X when right now you’d prefer to get known for Y. And, again, the fee might still go a long way towards enabling you to do more of Y in the long run.

And maybe by accepting the gig and carrying out your duties professionally you’ll become clearer about your own life and business goals. It may end up feeling eminently doable every now and again and a creative break or it may feel like selling your soul. Either piece of gut feedback will alert you as to what’s really involved in this decision next time you have to make it.

Everything is perfect just exactly as it is. There’ll be a reason these temptations are coming your way which will become clear in the fullness of time. All you have to do is trust and follow your own good instincts and see where that takes you. At the very least it will lead you to a place of getting better at making decisions and improving your relationship with your inner guidance system.

Confident decision-making is a muscle. Use it and it gets stronger.

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  1. How apt this blog is for me today. I am in that dilemma of a decision on whether it is worth doing for the fee although in my heart I know it’s not really where I want to be. Reading this blog has helped make my decision. Trusting my heart. Thanks Judith

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