Testimonial: The Coach We All Want

Recently I made a new virtual friend in Texas. Here’s the testimonial E sent me after she booked one of my Entrepreneur of the Day calls:
“I very much appreciate the generous gift of your time to help me clear my mind this morning. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom, clarity and meeting me exactly where I am. I love the “let’s cut to the chase” no nonsense approach and grounded suggestions.
This call with you was vastly different than other “strategy” calls I’ve had; no salesy talk, no marketing, just being interested in me, listening and being real with me. You are absolutely brilliant; caring, compassionate and encouraging, the Coach we all want and who is not easy to find.
You get right into action and you inspired me to start on my new journey right away. My mind is so clear and I’m smiling. No more fear, no more doubt, just calm and peace. I’m on the right track and I have you to thank you for guiding me there. Gratitude and a big hug.”
E is very generous, especially as I had to shout at her at one point in order to cut to the chase as she calls it! The noise of confusion can be deafening and even I couldn’t think straight.

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