Testimonial: How To Find Your Way Out Of The Day Job

Mary Ann MhinaThanks to Mary Ann Mhina for this lovely testimonial she volunteered over the weekend.

She generously credits me with helping her out of her day job and, blushes aside, yes that is what ended up happening. Mary Ann and I have worked together in many different ways over the years and, as with so many clients, she becomes my adviser in her areas of expertise too which include – but are not limited to – cooking, writing and podcasting; a talented lot my clients are.

Here’s what she shared about our formal year’s coaching:


She’s a brilliant coach and helped me understand what was stopping me and how to take action. Today I’m doing better working for myself and I’m happier, healthier and more abundant than I ever was when I had a ‘proper job’. I am choosing work I love and I know that Judith’s support was invaluable in believing that was possible.

In the end much more is possible than we tend to think, at least at first, but often we need the support of someone like Judith to help us bridge the gap between what we believe the possibilities are and what is really achievable.”   MaryAnnMhina.co.uk

Do you want out of the day job? Who you gonna call…?

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