Testimonials: The Lovely Things Natasha Says

Natasha BrownWhen your business is all about helping other people, the outpouring of energy can sometimes feel like it flows in one direction only – out. The bliss of coaching and mentoring is that the good vibrations flow back in too, in the form of heart-warming testimonials and a general sense of well being on the days one is able to be of service.

One of my clients, Natasha, who thinks she is not a writer, sends me the most beautiful testimonials in emails. I’m sharing a selection here so you will see what fun she is and so she will see she is just as fabulous in writing as she is in so many other ways.

Natasha is a lovely client to work with, not nearly as difficult as she thinks, quite the reverse. In fact, she’s a joy. And by giving out so much love to me – and I am quite sure to the others in her life – she only attracts more love into her own. We are a vibrational match and consequently we do good work together. It’s a simple formula and it works.

Thanks and love to you too, N.


You are literally my heroine (in the superhero sense not the drug!)


I only signed into my email to run something past you (as usual) and before I do set off into one of my long emails, I must say this.  You are like an angel to me, you are like a spirit guide in human form and I am so so grateful to have you in my life.  You provide me with clarity in two sentences, magical.  


We are a great team but that is only because you are a great mentor who goes above and beyond.  You really are a tremendous support to me, you are the only person who has kept me focused.  No one else could have kept me on this path of discovery for 3 months.  Someone else would have been told where to go by now and I would have run off into the wilderness going around in circles not making any decisions and feeling crap.  I am a Leo so it’s difficult to tame me, you’ve done very well JM! 


You’re BRILL! I just wanted to tell you that.  I know that you know you are appreciated but I just wanted to let you know what I think, it’s the extrovert in me!


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