Thank You For Giving Me Permission, Judith

“I firmly believe my life is for living and enjoying and I aim to do it as much as I can. However, although I know there are sometimes things you have to do, my life prior to meeting and working with Judith had a few too many ‘shoulds’ in it. I was juggling a number of projects, far too many actually. I had committed myself to getting involved and I was not as happy as I wanted to be. My energy levels were lower than I would have liked and I felt my sparkle fizzled out from time to time.

On one of my first sessions with Judith she asked me what all these projects and commitments were about and I tried to justify why I was involved etc. At some point she stopped talking and then said I want you only to do what you love (or words to that effect) and I cannot explain what a change that made almost immediately. It was the permission to do exactly that and it was as if all the shackles disappeared. My commitment was to take it day by day initially and think about the things I was doing, stopping doing them if it was not something I loved but it all became easier than I had thought and soon my life had really changed.

Now everything I do in my business I love. The freedom that this has given me has resulted in my being much clearer in my vision and I have had some of my most creative ideas since. I have moved forward in all aspects of my life, I have had the busiest time ever in my business and also brought in more money than before. I have so much energy and I have now found my true niche which is my walking and coaching and it is going to be big because this is what I am meant to do and what I love.

Permission is such a powerful thing but we cannot always give it to ourselves. Thanks Judith for giving me mine.”

Heather Waring,


Your Biz Your Way

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