Thanks to the Fabulous Marie Taylor

Marie TaylorJust a very short post to tell you about the four hours I spent with Marie Taylor on Saturday afternoon in the West End and to thank her for her time, support and humour.

Marie is an esteemed coaching colleague and friend. Our markets and careers are not really the same but our worldview is. We have shared values, common interests and sense of humour and about once a quarter we do a coaching swap or at least a meeting.

We listen to each other and help to prioritise our respective opportunities.

And I don’t think she would mind me telling you she’s deliciously woo woo.

Thanks to Marie for Saturday afternoon and if you are looking for an excellent coach/consultant/HR professional, look no further.   Just tell her I sent you.





Look how prolific she is too!

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  1. Marie Taylor says:

    How kind are you mrs financial intuitive and abundant one. You know what they say- Great people attract— oooh ……great people.
    Since meeting up last Saturday and talking about easy thrift with you I have found an easy saving of around 1.5k a year and after 6 hours on a plane to New York on Thursday with some time to think I will have found even more. Get that heating on and get that shed opened for business and money making. Your fiften minutes of frugal thinking could be saving us all hundreds even thousands of pounds in 2010.

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