The 5 Best Things About Working for Myself

Taking up Marion’s theme, which also just happens to be the topic of an end-of-term challenge we have set the Better Bloggers, here are my Five Best Things About Working for Myself.

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My self-employed career is now some thirty-five (35!) years young. And over that time my Five Best Things would definitely have changed and changed again, and again. This is the 2012 version.

1.   Client Triumphs

This is the best bit, no doubt. When I get emails and Skype chat messages which say “Thanks to you I’ve just published my first ever blog post” or “Hey, guess what? I’ve sold 13 books from my website this morning!” well, they are the dog’s doodahs and no mistake. It’s why I’m on this planet – to uplift, enrich and inspire others. Sharing these successes with men and women who have done for the first time the things they always wanted to do, always dreamed of doing but weren’t sure they had it in them. Well. Words fail me. And you don’t hear those words come out of my virtual pen very often. I’m very proud of my clients and here’s a short list of their triumphs:

  • Getting government grant-funding for projects
  • Leaving the day job – at last!
  • Getting out of bad debt (liability) and/or getting into good new debt (asset)
  • Starting a new business and/or folding an old, unloved one
  • Becoming more confident and feeling better about ourselves and our competencies
  • Thriving and going from strength to strength, growing as a person
  • Doing what we love and making a robust good living from it
  • Deciding self-employment isn’t right for all and returning to the Rat Race cheerfully – for now.
  • Stepping up to bigger challenges
  • Learning to fly helicopters, running marathons and other super-human feats
  • Finding life partners – who knew?
  • Becoming more fully who you are and increasingly confident to share the authentic you with your public
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Publishing books, lots and lots of books and leveraging a public-speaking career on that platform
  • Going for bigger and bigger deals
  • Feeling listened to and empowered
  • Clutter-clearing
  • Clients becoming lifelong friends, business partners, financial partners

2.   Every Day Is Unique

No two days are the same. I never have a Groundhog Day. I can please myself pretty much what I do every day and I can say no to anything getting diary time which isn’t in line with my values and goals.   I cannot remember when I last lived two days in a row which were identical; it just doesn’t happen. That variety is now more than the spice of my life. It is the air that I breathe.   This willingness to live without routine takes me in strange and unexpected directions every week and I am available to follow my curiosity and my nose. I am free to co-create too, allowing space to others who I respect to add value to my brilliant ideas and even – God forbid – to tell me I’m wrong.  [Surely not? Ed]

3.   My Brilliant Ideas

I live or die by the quality of my own ideas. Which ones will I put into practise? How can I add value to yours?   For the last two or three years I have been shaping investment ideas with others and it is clear that my creative thinking adds value to those who think in other ways; it happened only this morning. I love it when people say “That’s a BRILLIANT idea!” and I can say “I know.” There’s a lot of humour in this too and that just makes the whole feeling lighter and joyous and ever more freely creative.

4.  Writing About It All

Currently my absolute favourite passion of all time is writing about my life and business both online and off. Daily journaling in a succession of gorgeous notebooks, Morning Pages, the Happiness Project, the Abundance Programme and my gratitude journal. All these are now a vital part of my spiritual practice with my Best Pen or my best fingers on a keyboard. I’m obsessed with bloggers, living and breathing blogging and it’s even overtaking other things I have been passionate about all my life. Feeling that passion grip me is thrilling.   The cosiness, comfort, peace and efficiency of working at home with a virtual team of pals to sustain me, yet with the ability to set my own agenda, is a luxury for which I shall be eternally grateful.   If I could take only one Best Thing to my Desert Island, it would be this one, No 4.

5.  The Opportunity to Constantly Reinvent Myself

First there was the accountant, then the coach and now the blogger/writer emerges. Portfolio careers are all the rage these days out of necessity. An Entrepreneur needs to keep on the balls of her feet and this means I am never bored. If you lived in my head, you wouldn’t be bored either.  Usually by the time I get a new passport every 10 years, I have cause to write a different occupation in it and that’s just how I like it.   I have wanted to be a writer since I was a teenager but first I allowed other stimulating, more sensible careers to get in the way. Now I am returning to my first love, that career I must have allowed myself to believe I could never have. Where was my own coach then, I wonder? Taking a few decades off it would seem. But, at last, we always seem to find our own way home, don’t we?

What are your favourite things about working for yourself?

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  1. ntathu allen says:

    What a detailed and concise list Judith. Bit like Madonna re-inventing and discovering deeper parts of your being. Thanks Judith for being a light in my life.