The Antidote to Bright Shiny Objects

peopleI love that my clients always teach me new ways to help them achieve better results in their businesses.

Two clients have recently confessed that they suffer from an attraction to ‘bright shiny objects” and they feel constantly distracted by glittering offers which hold out the promise of more money sooner and easier than doing what needs to be done in their own existing projects, what they already know needs to be done. These bright shiny objects initially seduce, then serve only to confuse and muddle and distract.

The very fact that they can acknowledge that to me means they realise that their best opportunity for real success lies much closer to home, in the home-based business they already own, simply by creating some focus and disciplines and having someone hold their hand and walk them through the tough bits, pointing the way, sharing short-cuts.

One of these clients is currently sending me an email once a day, before bedtime, in which she lists her achievements of the day. How is this helpful to her? It means that every day she has an accountability partner who has high hopes and expectations and is watching and caring about her progress. So instead of being inclined to put off until tomorrow something which ought to be done today, she does it today. Otherwise she has to tell me tonight that she has failed to bat away the distractions and prioritise her own needs and desires.

Focus for even an hour a day seems difficult bordering on the impossible for entrepreneurs and creatives. This is a fact which is becoming clearer and more visible to me every day as a real problem most of us suffer. There are mounting calls on our time and our focus is just frittered away; it’s just too easy to let something else – or someone else – take priority over our own goals.

So, how can I help?

As with everything I do, we always need to start with a chat on Skype and meet one another virtually. I want to know all about you and your business, your goals and challenges and what you let get in the way, your bright shiny objects. Then together we’ll set up a framework which offers me as your virtual business partner, mentor and accountability coach.

After the initial hour-long consultation on Skype, we’ll draw up a list of what needs doing and how often you feel the need to check in with me by email. We’ll experiment until we get that right. I will encourage and support and answer questions and provide resources and may invite you to my virtual study for a pep talk, all depending on what you need and when you need it.

I am always seeking new ways to make this sort of vital lifeline affordable to all work-at-home clients with their own small business so charges are only £100 for the first month to include that hour-long initial consultation, then £50 a month for as long as you continue to derive value. Stay as long as our accountability partnership is helping you achieve the results you want and deserve.

My goal is affordable business coaching for all and this now starts from as little as £50 a month for this new focus mentoring specially crafted to suit your needs and your budget. Now’s the time to Get Stuff Done!

“This woman is a marvel. A minefield of information, support, listening and occasionally a shove. In fact, the right combination of kick and cuddle to suit you.” AG

Your Biz Your Way

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