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This is the story of a million Entrepreneurs. Of EveryEntrepreneur. They could be you. They are you and you are them.

I use the word Entrepreneur to describe everyone who works for themselves, even though this isn’t the definition. It’s my word of choice to describe everyone, anyone who gets up every day and makes their own opportunities.

One of my favourite Entrepreneurs is Eddie Grundy in The Archers.   Almost everything Eddie touches turns to base metal but he never – or almost never – loses heart.   Being a wide boy, a spiv, is who Eddie is.   It’s hard-wired into his DNA.   Mine too.

I want to encourage everyone who has ever had a brilliant idea to spin that into a self-employment or a business, even if only part-time.

And I want to take all the Eddie Grundys of the world and show them how to do it well, how to create a life to love through work that you love too.   How to do Entrepreneurship for success and profit, with ease and grace, taking them from Scarcity to Abundance.

And as you take your first steps into becoming the Entrepreneur you are yet to become, drawing inspiration and ideas from those herein*, so you too will encourage yet another one out from The Dark Side.

*This except from the opening chapter of my forthcoming book was channelled on Monday 15th March 2010 at Tom Evans, The Bookwright’s Blockbusting workshop at The Hurtwood Inn Hotel, Walking Bottom, Peaslake, Surrey.   Tom’s next workshop is on 27th May.

Want to be a better Entrepreneur?   Try my Abundant Mentoring programme, the Better Business Brigade which includes an induction audit, 10 Ms to Your Million modules from which we will co-create your own perfect bespoke programme, live group business surgeries on the phone, forums, weekly reporting, call-in days, email support and quarterly get-togethers – all starting from just £197 pcm.

There are sign-up bonuses for early adopters and the first ten clients to lead the way including Cashflow Games, Shed Sessions and upgrades to the top level of my Inner Circle club.   Yay!

Your Biz Your Way

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