The Call to Greatness

GreatnessI sometimes have a debate with myself, either consciously or sub-consciously. It goes something like this…can I be bothered to be the best version of me? Will I step up? There’s both a fear that I will and a fear that I won’t.

It’s a matter of balancing the two sides of me, the unstoppable entrepreneur, leader, ambitious, financially motivated me -v- the calm, peaceful, relaxed, grateful and happy, living-in-the-moment me. And sometimes I am easily both in the one woman, and other times I cannot be bothered to step up to my destiny. Life as a challenge all the time gets pretty tiring.

A kindly friend and client reminded me of a meeting we shared a handful of summers ago in which we pioneered my Less Is More policy, which I have been enjoying again recently, in fact I allowed it to stretch through all of 2011 and 2012 and the first half of 2013 while I took an elongated gap year(!).

That laid back vibe takes me into slacker mode, the one where I feel I am not achieving very much. And that’s really OK these days, I’m enjoying just being and that’s very, very cool. For the first time in my life, I really think I have been happy with a peaceful non-achieving me and that’s something I treasure beyond words.

My somewhat more normal modus operandi, the one where I feel both empowered and safe, is a more forward-focused, controlling, hard-driving energy which takes me to the next level in my business and in my life.   It’s the one which  makes my wildest dreams and ambitions, the wish lists, the vision boards, the aspirations all come true – the risk-taking, the multiple businesses, the property portfolio, the overseas retreats, the blessing of financial rewards.

I sometimes observe myself wrestling with an opportunity, and allowing myself to consider it from all angles, and over the period of say three days I will turn fully 360 degrees and come back to the place I started, no decision made.

So, what makes the difference then? What helps me decide if a possibility is right for me, or not? I get into action. I do something, for if I don’t I can sometimes get caught in analysis paralysis. And when you do something, you soon know if it’s the right thing or not and, if not, you can change your action for a different result.

Spring is an excellent time to be reviewing aims and ambitions and then starting to take action to bring some or all of them about. And I wonder what you do when you have an internal debate and you feel the pull but also the resistance?

I quite like to write down all the pros for something on one side of a piece of paper and the cons on the other – and then decide to go with what is suggested by the longer of the two lists.

Or you could set off and do something, and then change tack if you don’t like the way it’s panning out – I find you get body wisdom almost immediately, you can just feel if it’s right or not.

Or you can just sit and stew, and annoyingly sometimes this is all we can do for a variety of reasons and, do you know…sometimes even that works! [Some of my chums call this meditating. Meditating. Stewing. Arthur. Martha.]

Put something in your diary that will kick-start you, seduce you into action. We often work better when accountable to others so grab a partner and help each other out. Or consider making what my pal Marion calls an unbreakable promise to yourself; that’s even more powerful. It doesn’t really matter what you pick, just as long as you find a way to get into flow.

Do you feel the pull, the intuitive nudge to step up? Mine’s beginning to shove me quite assertively now so how’s about we take a bold step together and answer the call to greatness?


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