The Creation Experiment Summer Party

Last Autumn, I had one of my now customary “brilliant” ideas to set up a group. A Woo Woo group.   I partnered with Bianca, we threw up a website courtesy of Steve and we invited all those we knew who were good at Woo Woo or who might get better at it, given a community in which to practise and thrive.

And thus, TheCreationExperiment was born.   And now we are at the end of our first academic year, which we celebrated with a party in my garden on top of the three ley lines which are reputed to run beneath Streatham Hill.   Members have come and gone but the core who survive are – alphabetically – Antoinette, Bianca, Carole, Gill, Jakki, Jane, Judith, Karen, Kate, Marie, Marina & Sharon, a delicious dozen. And that seemed reason enough to celebrate.

We started the day doing what we normally do – coffee then lunch round our kitchen table meeting place at Perfect Blend in Clapham. Then at 2.45 we drove in convoy back to my place and had tea and cake and drew up an agenda to pack it all in: BBQ-ing a meaty supper, drinking Pimms, a talk by Sharon, discussing re-shaping our future as a group, an invited expert Jane Puckett of who told us how to use our own dreams as a sort of divine sat nav, and a Blessingway in my Abundance Shed.

It was a fun, entertaining, enlightening and loving afternoon and evening, can’t wait for the next one!   In the middle of the afternoon, my builder appeared who had been re-decorating my Nunhead BTL and the carpet man wanted to quote me and get me to commit. This knock-on stress threatened my equilibrium as people made salads and vodka smoothies in my kitchen.

But trust a bunch of competent women to make short work of the food preparation and washing up – it was still 11.30 by the time I fell exhausted into bed, grateful for a wonderful al fresco evening, grateful for a community of good and loving friends.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. The love and inspiration of a dozen good and Woo Woo women
  2. My Abundance Shed and beautiful, large, lush garden which encourages parties al fresco
  3. All the things I’ve learned working alongside these women

Three Things I Intend to Manifest:

  1. For my part, another great year where TCE grows and grows in the things we learn and create and manifest
  2. That we become so abundant that we are able to turn our attention to others and pay it forward
  3. Another stonking party this time next year, perhaps in a surprising location, say a seaside hotel anyone?

I’m proud to report there’s a waiting list to be in TheCreationExperiment and I send love to all those who joined and left, thus creating a space for another, or those who were invited and had to refuse because of reasons of focus, geography, or business.   You have all been missed and loved and thought of often. Big Abundant Kisses to you all, in some small way you helped to shape what we have become.

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