The Entrepreneurial Curse of Perfectionism

The joy of being a Business Mentor is that lots of my business clients remind me in their daily sessions about the stuff I know about but either havent implemented myself yet, or have started but not finished, or started, got great results and stopped doing.   Doh, that last one really hurts to even say.

My old Grandpa used to say “don’t do what I do, do as I tell you” but us coaches are obsessed with authenticity and so its great to get these nudges and reminders to do stuff or reinstate others stuff, especially that which I have already road-tested and so I know it works.

Today my reminder is about perfectionism.   I am re-organising and re-structuring my business coaching programmes for 2010 with the introduction of my own Membership Club called the Inner Circle.   And its very exciting.   This is my third attempt at providing a really useful, affordable entrepreneurs coaching club for small business people.

First it was the Lonely Entrepreneurs Club, then the Creative Entrepreneurs Club, now its plain old Judith Morgan’s Inner Circle.   My intention is to help people become either Successfully Self-Employer or Effortless Business Owners and ideally to graduate from one to the other.

And I find myself guilty as charged of perfectionism.   I have been working with two brilliant web techies and ably assisted by a third and I notice I am delaying telling my virtual world about my plans until the web To Do List is all ticked off.   Which leaves me in the rather frustrated place of waiting, waiting, waiting on my fabulous outsource team.

Are you doing that with your headed notepaper, website, business cards, logo?  Are you waiting for everything to be perfect before you launch something new?

Why wait?   Why not open your doors and start taking money now without waiting for everything to be perfect?   None of our clients want us to be perfect anyway, nor can they afford it.   They just want us to be good enough.

Are you good enough?   I bet you are.   Then come on down and tell us so, showcase your talents and help your marketplace.   Dont keep yourselves a secret.

Entrepreneurs are Perfectionist Control Freaks but that’s a choice and a pretty uncommercial one at that.   Let go of the need to be perfect and who knows what abundance awaits?

Speaking personally, I can’t wait to find out – for you or for me!

Your Biz Your Way

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