The February 4: Fabulous, Fast Start VIP Coaching

February VIPAre you special? I hope you answered yes to that question, Gentle Reader, because of course we are all special. But some of us are more special than others, or at least we think we are. And some of us require special attention for a variety of different reasons. Do you need some of my special attention right now?

You might be a Creator who wakes up every five minutes with a new idea. Your focus is all over the shop. You confuse your tribe with your constant invention and re-invention and you haven’t successfully and consistently managed to monetise anything yet. I know you.

You might be a Star who craves special attention because you are not like everyone else, Darling. I love you.

No matter what your Wealth Dynamics profile, you want a rocket up your a**e, you want daily accountability, you want focus, you want to achieve something fast, you want me to hold you in check and provide some strategy and discipline so you stop procrastinating and you want to Get Something Done in February. I mean… where did January go already?

I hear you.

So my February Fast Start VIP Special is for you if you know you want to start today with an in-depth long and leisurely exploratory call, where you get 60-90 luxurious minutes to talk about yourself and your business and your ideas and for us to decide together on your focus for the next month together.

Then we would craft a personalised daily accountability plan for you, Mondays to Fridays if you are self-employed already, evenings and weekends if you are still in the day job. Both if you are very ambitious.

What would your dream February coaching package look like to you? What do you want? What do you feel you need? Let’s create that together.

  • Induction +
  • 10 minute top ups daily +
  • Just the right amount of talk and email and Skype chat +
  • Opinions, cajoling, encouraging, nudging, reminding, noticing, caring, teamwork (you and me), love.
  • What else? Tell me.

OK, so this is available right this red hot second. Your twenty eight days start immediately you book yourself in for your February Fast Start induction call. I can only take FOUR clients on this basis so do decide to be one of The February 4.

It’s a month, four weeks, 28 days and February begins with an F. All my favourite words begin with an F. Fabulous. Funky. Fast. Fun. Focus. Full-on. And the other one.

Your investment is £280 pounds (a tenner a day) and here’s the Paypal button. Will it be you? I do hope so.   Receipt of funds will trigger an email from me telling you what to do next. Light the blue touch paper for your magnificence this month and prepare to roll up your sleeves to do the work. I’m going to love working with you, Dynamic One.

Your Biz Your Way

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