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the-five-minute-journalI bought myself a little prezzie a while back, the Five-Minute Journal. I got mine from Amazon UK at a cost of £18 but you can buy it too direct from the Five-Minute people’s own website.

When I read out the five daily questions you are encouraged to answer to Nicola on last week’s podcast, she asked “do you really need to buy a special book to do that with?”

No, you don’t. But I did, because I wanted to and because I’m not doing any paper and pen journalling anywhere else in 2016 and because I was ready for something tangible in my uber digital world.

You don’t even need to buy it because the Five-Minute people have put this very abundantly on their own website which is pretty much all you need, or I thought it was until I was describing something to a client of mine and she said she’d missed that bit. Oh yes, sorry, so you did – that’s because I was teaching you how to do it without the book!


Anyway, as you’ll see there are three questions to ask yourself in the morning, before your day begins, and two to ask yourself in the evening, as your day ends.

Four days after I taught my client how to do this (without the book) and eight days after I’d been doing it (with the book) we had a meeting of minds and discovered we’d both got exactly the same thing out of it. So far. And four and eight days are Far Too Soon, I get the sense, to discover much more we are going to love this daily ritual.

The morning questions get you to realise that it is your responsibility to create the sort of day you desire. And the evening questions get you to realise that it’s down to you to make that even better tomorrow, should you choose to.

How this works is that you tend you write down in the evenings things you haven’t got around to yet, because they are a bit stickier or you don’t fancy them or they appear “hard”. You keep meaning to get to those. The fact of you putting them down day after day gets you to realise that you are getting in your own way, and that if doing those things really would make life better, why on earth are you putting them off?

And so you do them! Yes, really. Basically you get bored of your own excuses and procrastination really really quickly.Who knew?

As I say, I suspect there are many more benefits to follow but this is an early result, I think you’ll agree. I’ll share more discoveries on my Five-Minute journal journey as they reveal themselves to me.

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