The Future of your Business: Podcast Ep 181

What is the future of your business? No, I have no idea either!

Fresh from the ICF Conference in London, Nicola has some questions for me about the future of coaching as a business, the future for any sort of business and how much and to what extent do we need to be futurologists, is that even possible? Even Warren Buffett admits he cannot predict the future.

We both agree on agility, creating the sort of business which is responsive to the changing needs of our clients and customers. And keeping an eye out for change and deciding whether you want to go with it or resist it. But on the whole, I don’t have answers to her questions which I feel are very difficult. I do get intuitive early warnings of change but I certainly do not pretend I can predict the future.

We both recognise that our entrepreneurial careers have, at times, been knocked by unforeseen market forces and circumstances but they tended to be the ones that no-one foresaw, not even the experts, and we rolled with it, survived and reinvented ourselves. And today I have just read a blog post by a client who describes herself having to do exactly that too at the same time for the same reasons. It’s taken us all quite a long time to rebuild.

And my experience of difficult trading times over the years has been that no two recessions share the same qualities so it is impossible to learn anything from one which will stand you in good stead for the next. What do you think, we wonder?

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In other news, the postman arrives during the recording of the show with an unexpected parcel surprise for me – two pots of Play-Doh in PINK. Yay! I did know this was en route, having admired that of another, but it was so long ago I had forgotten what my prezzie was going to be and today is far too long and busy a day for me to get my hands on it.

Nicola is enjoying her week in the UK and, like me, she’s been catching up with friends and family in get-togethers in pubs. I talk later in the show about how impressed I am, pubs not being my natural habitat, about marketing incentives and initiatives to fill the places up with nifty deals, and making them relatively female-friendly which didn’t always used to be the case.

Our words of the week are And (mine) and Connection (hers). And my word is taken from a fascinating Entrepreneur of the Day call earlier in the week which I tell N about, mentioning no names or clues from which my client might be recognised except by herself. She’d read my book, and I was able to give her a valuable linguistic tip about using the word and mid-sentence instead of but. Ask if you notice yourself falling into that habit and I can give you the fix too.

Nicola’s continuing to move forward on her Amazon FBA biz and today she’s getting her sister Sarah to start the video training (poor woman!). We have little by way of project updates because we’ve been too busy socialising to be starting anything new or upping the game on anything existing either.

Finally, plaudits go to Ginny Baillie of the ICF, and N offers a recommendation from her mate Pete and its a book called Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley.

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