The Gift of Listening for Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas. The C word. How are you feeling about it? Exhausted at the prospect? Looking forward to some time off? Can’t wait to put it behind you and crack on with the New Year?

Either way, this is the very best time to buy yourself a gift, the gift of listening, for Christmas. I’m offering my Listening Vouchers in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year for you to buy yourself something nice which you can cash in whenever you like…after things calm down a bit, once everyone’s gone back to work and the kids are back at school. Or even in that period between Christmas and New Year when you are planning to reinvent yourself. Whenever you’re ready, not rushed. Let’s take some leisurely and luxurious together, time for you.

“Judith is horribly insightful” MD

The Listening Vouchers work a bit like gift tokens. Buy them for yourself. Or buy them for someone you care about, donate or pay them forward.

Each voucher is worth an hour of my time on FB Messenger, Skype or Zoom. And you can use that time however you like. I can listen to you and provide you with some intuitive feedback. We can have a conversation or you can pick my brains about your life and/or your business. This will be time for you, time with a trusted confidante. Your gift to yourself.

I’ll be a sounding board. I will listen without prejudice or attempt to influence. I’ll provide you with a space in which to be heard. I’ll listen with more than my ears. Ask for what you need and remember me when you are thinking “Who can I talk to about this?”

“My call with Judith was a joy as truth unfolded. My truth. Judith is a genius” RG

Buy one for £100. Buy a few. They’re cheaper by the handful.

  • £250 for three
  • £395 for five
  • £750 for 10

Use them whenever you like; they have no expiry date. I’ll keep records this end so you don’t have to worry about that either. Welcome to my relaxing Listening Spa! Happy Christmas to you and a Prosperous New Year.

Buy Your Listening Vouchers Here 

Listening Vouchers

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