The Grand Plan

notes-514998_640Somebody I know a little bit seems to have moved herself into a campervan with her dog and be living her life on the move. And today I asked her on Facebook if she had a grand plan, or if she was just going with the flow. Right now, she’s in beautiful photogenic coastal Cornwall. Bliss.

The reason behind my question was I didn’t know the whole back story, as we say these days. I hadn’t been watching as she’d made up her mind to do this, so I didn’t know what was behind it, if anything. I didn’t know The Grand Plan. And a curious part of me realised I needed to know in order to get a feel for the project as it unfolds.

Even as I waited the scant few minutes for Lucy to reply to me I found myself hoping she didn’t have a grand plan and I was happy to discover that she is, indeed, just going where the fancy takes her.

It’s all the rage, that. And I hope to be joining the ranks of the Go With The Flow-ers very soon.

And then I got to thinking…do you need a grand plan for your business and/or your life?

Some of my clients do. Very much. They like planning and strategy. And certainly plans can help us to feel like we know what we are doing and where we are going. They make us feel safe, and secure. On track.

But my experience is that life is just toying with us and that the sense that we are in charge is so often an illusion. So any plan is only as good as your ability to roll with it and adapt to unexpected happenings which may oblige you to divert.

So, what sort of a plan would be useful for you?

  • A road map or flight path showing the route
  • SMART goals (shudder) and a tracking sheet
  • A set of intentions which you tick off as you go along
  • An accountability partner
  • Your Best Year Yet
  • A monthly review and brainstorm
  • A list of the next steps to do in a nice logical order
  • A weekly check-in

So many to choose from! So many to mix and match as circumstances dictate.

I am aware that right now I don’t really have a plan, grand or otherwise. I am waiting on circumstances outside my control to see what happens. And, while I wait, I am making the best of what comes up day by day. As I wrote recently in my newsletter, my focus each day and which I fill in on my Chrome Momentum thingy is “The Delights of the Day”. And I love it. It is a plan, I think you’ll agree. They can be that light. Lucy certainly agrees, she’s living it.

This week one of my clients told me a very powerful story. So often what clients bring to their calls is things on their To Do list which remain undone. They resist talking about and celebrating achievements and reviewing how far they’ve come. But this woman described how a life review had revealed that she had, in fact, achieved everything on her wish list. How wonderful! Yes, she still has desires for her business and those we are working on together. But in her life she’s in a very fortunate position.

And so it appears that a plan can be discovered as having been achieved if we slow down and review, in gratitude. As opposed to the energy being all future-focussed. There’s something wrong. I’m behind schedule. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. Rush. Hurry. Rush. Hurry. So much to get done, so little time. I’m useless. I’m hopeless. I NEED A PLAN!

We don’t need fixing. And you don’t need a plan. Unless you think you do. And then we can create one together. Whatever you need – for now – to help and support you in building a wonderful business.

But do you really need a plan when it comes to creating a wonderful life?

Or do you, like my Facebook friend, Lucy, just decide to go where life takes you and see if you like it there? For now, that’s my grand plan too.

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