The January Effect

January gives us all a kick up the proverbial to get on and change or improve our lives and businesses and most of us can sustain our New Year’s resolutions for some or all of the month before the January effect fizzles and dies. Here are a couple of strategies I see my clients employing which I think will stay the distance.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Don’t try to run before you can walk or load yourself up with too long a To Do List. Pick a couple of smallish things this week and get them done, get them bedded in as new habits on which you can build. This is quite a tricky thing to persuade clients to do, it’s like reining in a racehorse. Often the desire to see change is strong and we think that if we go at it like a rocket we will see the results we desire faster. Yes, perhaps we will, but it is my experience the good effects of short cuts don’t last. Be the tortoise not the hare for success which is sustainable and then build on that with a couple more good new habits next week or next month. Small steps.

Extreme Self-Care

Those clients I see doing well are also prioritising their own well being and that feelgood factor helps them to stick to their business goals. Here the January effect can risk burnout all too soon as we fall off the diet or the wagon, but no new habit is embedded overnight. Aim for 40 days and see how great you feel if you can stick to something for that long. We are whole human beings and you cannot separate the small business person from their psyche, nor is that desirable even. Look after yourself first and then you are fit to do business. You can leverage feelgood; the ripples spread outwards. You are preparing the ground for a successful and sustainable harvest which you can enjoy for years to come.

How are you getting along with your 2013 goals and intentions, aims and ambitions? What’s working? Can you share why you think that is?


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