The Long Way Round To Nowhere

Park Cottage and next doorToday it was always our intention to go for a posh lunch, to The Fox Inn at Lower Oddington. Mission accomplished and absolutely delicious it was too, chicken liver parfait, steak burger, Bath chap (pig’s cheek!) and oxtail and kidney pudding. Yum. We were served by a team of four splendid women, one in charge who knew what she was doing and three lovely, willing and smiley young girls in various stages of training, politeness personified. More stonking Cotswold cooking, well fine dining really to give the food at The Fox Inn its due.

Before that we took a road trip to Bibury, somewhere I remembered from when I lived in Oxford as a much younger bird. A snag emerged almost immediately in that the road to Bibury from our house was closed for resurfacing. We dutifully followed the marked diversions which took us on two very long sides of a triangle, to the apoplexy of the man on the sat nav. And I realised, as we were driving in the opposite direction to our destination, that it was a very long way round and that there could be nothing when we got there… if I had mis-remembered.

Bibury duly turned out to be another pretty Cotswold village with a lovely church. I love churches, me, as I wrote in an earlier piece during October. I could spend quite a lot of my dotage visiting English churches but we didn’t have time today, we had a posh lunch on our agenda and the sat nav signal had given out, the map didn’t cover where we were and we were both hungry. It all resolved happily in the end because, after all, it really doesn’t matter on holiday, does it, if the road leads precisely nowhere at all and you get relaxingly lost?

But we are found and, despite my not getting my camera out of my bag today, here’s a photo of the house where we are staying that I took earlier in the week.

Highlight of the day? Thanks to yesterday’s post and the power of social media, I made four lovely new friends on Twitter and Facebook:


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