The Miracle of Tithing by Mark Victor Hansen

During our Cashflow game on Friday we were reminded about tithing.   The Cashflow game has a square you land on which invites you to donate 10% of your total income and get special dice privileges in return.   We are always amazed at what a difference this makes to everyone’s game who takes advantage of this win:win opportunity.

You get two dice for each of the next three turns which gets you round faster, enabling you to collect more paycheques.   But it usually brings a change in your luck too, and abundance rains down upon the player who tithes.   Ten percent = tithe.

All of which caused me to Google a free resource called The Miracle of Tithing by Mark Victor Hansen which explains all about how and why this works.   I also read about it recently in one of the No BS books by Dan Kennedy who also practices tithing and he says it always brings him an average 400% return on money he tithes.

Thanks to Soul Millionaire, Dave Scarlett, who first introduced me to the Miracle of Tithing and you can access the free ebook here.

If you decide to experiment with tithing, or are already a tither, will you share your experience here please by leaving a comment?   We are experiment with tithing in my Creation Experiment so do join us as a free or virtual member over there if you wish to follow along?

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