The Money Gym

I keep meaning to look up the precise date I discovered the Money Gym. It was way back in 2003, I think. Although I had been an accountant since 1977, and already sold my accountancy business of 20 years, I hadn’t learned how to make myself rich focussing, as I had been, on helping other people with their money. The Money Gym taught me how to do both, make myself wealthy while helping others to do the same which for me is nothing short of heaven on earth.

In 2005, Nicola Cairncross, who is the founder of the Money Gym, invited me to be her business partner. How wonderful is that? Can you think of anything better than being able to work in the business that turned my personal finances around?

It’s taken me a while, from 2003 until 2009, to be half-way to where I want to be, half way to financial freedom and I expect the rest of my journey to be much, much faster. I started the journey when I was 47 and today I worked out that I think I can achieve my own goals of financial serenity by the time I am 57 and that’s a goal worth attaining.

moneygymbookHow can you do the same? Check out The Money Gym and I will see you over there – lots of fun stuff – games, events, workshops, training, teleseminars, books, courses – all sorts of resources from £4.97 to more than £5,000. Of course, being me, I went straight in at the top and its one of the decisions in my life of which I am most pleased and proud. Look where its taken me! I very much look forward to helping you do that too.

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