The Money-Making Magic In An Hour-Long Skype Call

As I ease my way back into the world of “work” after a gap year, I am choosing to connect with people whose energy I find appealing. I invite people throughout the pages on this website to email me to set up a Skype conversation. Or I write to people and offer that after seeing their various requests shared elsewhere. And although I am offering my help and advice for free right now while I shape my future plans, I often take them up on a swap.

Here’s the lovely testimonial I received after such a call on Wednesday.   I am sharing this reasonably anonymously for now. Once Susie’s website is up and ready to face the world, I will come back and showcase that here.   You will be hearing a lot more from Susie as this is the year she begins to live her dreams.

If I can do this for one woman in an hour, imagine what I can do for you. Why don’t we speak on Skype?

Hi Judith,

Wow! Thank you so much for the Skype call yesterday. You blew my socks off! Whatever I was expecting, that wasn’t it. Thank you for being so gracious with your time. Your knowledge and laser precision in getting at information is exceptional. I love your directness and how you were able to expand my mind. I have 17 blog titles that have come instantly and I am looking forward to write them.

I took time last night to think over what was said and how to proceed and I have an action plan which is probably much bigger than just blogging – all thanks to your insights and bringing the information out of me. I will be contacting Marion in regards to the website later on today as it needs a professional’s touch and its about time I actually invested in it.

I will definitely keep in touch and think that once this part is done and I am actioning, I will be becoming a client of yours. Thank you for helping me understand the value of my journey.

In simple words ….. You rock!

Love Susie xx

photo credit: visualpanic via photopin cc

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