The Snowmageddon Show: Podcast Ep 171

Snowmageddon! Snowpocalypse!

In today’s show, I tried to get across an accurate reflection of our snowy UK weather this week (last week by the time you read this) to Nicola in Stoupa in Greece surrounded by spring flowers at last, as she’s been promising us for a while now. Whereas I won’t be going anywhere for several days because of the severe threat to life weather warnings, super low temperatures below freezing and my car buried beneath at least a foot of the powdery white stuff.

Despite our not having much of a focus for today’s show, we are obliged to reconsider the nature of an essential journey in snowy conditions the like of which I’ve not really known in the UK in my lifetime. Of course, we’ve had snow now and again and occasionally it’s even been bad in places but this time it was nationwide eventually and quite a lot of it too in a way which very definitely is not normal for us.

What’s an essential journey? Why leave home if you don’t have to and risk life and limb, yours and that of others, and my concern is for the already stretched emergency services. It’s quite a strange game since when we are psyched for a journey we want to crack on with it, but … in these circumstances… why? Just don’t would be my advice and not for the first time this week when I extended Just Don’t to putting 4G on the moon, taking 200 selfies a day, Barbra Streisand cloning her dog (twice) and various other nonsensical “news” items which my daily half-hour on the news apps brings to my confounded attention.

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What's an essential journey? Why leave home if you don't have to and risk life and limb, yours and that of others, and my concern is for the already stretched emergency services. #ownit Click To Tweet

In other news, I have quite a lot to tell Nicola. I’ve had another fabulous day out, and I get some shocking news about the possibility of moving house and in emergency family circumstances, my host’s family, not my own. My 12-minute convo with Engel Jones goes live and Barbara Winter suggests I might be the poster girl for her upcoming Small, Sassy & Successful program. Wow! Quite the week. We didn’t have room for a focus as all the other news was coming thick and fast.

Nicola’s discovered that Jules Verne visited local Itilo on The Mani Peninsula, she’s frustrated that nothing has worked well in her house this week including the internet, and she’s been out clothes shopping in Kalamata, said shopping being regarded very definitely as A Good Sign for reasons that regular listeners will comprehend and be happy to hear about.

Our words of the week are Testimonials (mine) and Confused (hers) as she’s been onboarding new clients with her sister Sarah in their new Done For You service and Sarah has insisted on “doing it properly” with Standard Operating Procedures. Entrepreneurial shudder.

Project Updates include my having scheduled 12 of our listeners as guests for our middle slot, and agreed on topics with nine of them so far. We are recording on two mornings in March and the third one in April and we agree on air today that we will put them out at about one a month. Topics of conversation will include time, walking, social entrepreneurship in different parts of the world, Imposter Syndrome, Chaos Theory, podcasting from scratch and being in business partnership with your sister. More to follow. I also share my screen with Nicola so she can see a strange and totally unexplained surge in my Twitter impressions. We are both flummoxed. I ask Facebook what they think. Strange place to ask, I know. But let’s see what they come back with. Watch this space and if anything interesting explains it, I shall report accordingly. A bit of a week (again) for strange goings-on.

We are impressed respectively by (her) and (me) and

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