The Soul2Soul Listening Project: Report Week 1

Here’s what happened so far (just for me to keep a record really, I can’t reveal anything about my Soul Chatters for obvious reasons of confidentiality):

Soul Chat #1: J is writing a book, working in the pub, and wants a dog (which she manifested the very next day).

Soul Chat #2: L is looking forward to going to Italy for the weekend to be with his girlfriend. He has a lovely dog and lovely neighbours. He’s a natural storyteller.

Soul Chat #3: R has a gorgeous soothing voice on the telephone, good self-knowledge and is very wise. I got the distinct sense she should be public speaking (more). No hesitation, no ums and ahs. She asked for the recording of our call.

Soul Chat #4: J is a strong, brave, resolute and tenacious woman who has given up everything in her life to be a truer version of herself. We had a place in common, where I live now.

Soul Chat #5; C wants to turn down the noise in her very busy life. I proposed the Emwave2, a structured way meditating with a biofeedback machine.

Soul Chat #6: L is a no-show, can’t get Skype to work. Will re-appoint when she gets the fix. Enables me to realise I need to email participants about checking Skype before they call and also to set up an online booking calendar again. Am testing one.

Soul Chat #7: S is learning to let go and trust that she can live a happier life. She offered a lovely metaphor for her own life, she was my teacher, we discovered we had someone in common who I had met only that day! I sensed that she was in the right place at the right time. S is in exactly the same position in her life as I am although she is nearly 20 years younger. We are going through the same issues.

Soul Chat #8: J is working out how to change her job for something which will allow her to contribute more. From my feedback, what resonated with her was that she might choose to be “less sensible”, her own words. I sent her the recording of our call so she can see she already knows all the answers.  I listened to the recording again before I sent it to J because I could tell that this call might have been pivotal for both of us.

Note how many times I use the word lovely in these notes. This experiment comes from a place of love in me and is attracting loveliness to me. And how much synchronicity shows up, how much my Chatters have in common with each and/or with me. Dogs, people, places, situations, commonalities, co-incidences. No-one has trouble filling the 10 minutes uninterrupted talk time and when they do, I realise the companionable silences are exquisite. This “work” is an honour.

Unexpected Gifts I received this week:

  1. I won the EuroMillions – twice! £5.70 and £3.10. This is most unusual. Total winnings for the week £8.80.
  2. Cashflow-wise, something I was expecting to cost me £10,000 is only going to cost me £2,500.
  3. My gas and electric bills for six months are both in credit i.e. less than expected, despite the fact that I monitor usage very closely.
  4. I am asked to re-run a high profile workshop I did in late 2010 in Spring 2013.
  5. Somebody I normally have to chase for information quite hard sent me an unsolicited report on Friday.
  6. I heard that there is prosperity in the offing from a source I thought had dried up
  7. Chatter No 3 had a message for me: “You Are Loved”
  8. I am receiving lots of powerful Universal nudges about where this project might lead – to a Facebook Page for starters.
  9. I enjoyed a terrifically upbeat and abundant day over at Entrepreneur Soul on Friday. Read that story here.
  10. I receive several email thankyou letters from the Chatters, or follow-ups of another sort.
  11. I end the week feeling very happy; being of service suits me very well.

More next weekend. This week I am doing callers 9-17 out of 29. Yee ha!

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