The Soul2Soul Listening Project: Report Week 2

Soul Chat #8: C is a woman who lives with gusto (her own lovely word). She’s a healer with gorgeous plans for experiences she wants to share with her clients involving a healing garden, inside/outside environments, a woodland floor. C’s soul chat centred on energy – hers and that which she wanted to share with clients in a way which fed her not drained her.

Soul Chat #9: C is a woman who’s moving into a new phase in her life. What we discovered together is that no matter what was thrust upon her and how bad that felt to live through for a time, when she looked back she was able to see that everything always happened for the best. What an admirable philosophy to have and to hold!

Soul Chat #10: A has been on a roller coaster. She has MS and big bad life events keep occurring which cause relapses and then she gets well again, hence the roller coaster analogy. Finance worries – relapse. The money was returned, happily but full health is not yet restored. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes and affect her health but recovery from all downs has almost always led eventually to ups again. She was a homeopath and would like to return to that; her clients were her teachers. Fabulous philosophy for us all to bring to our work.

Soul Chat #11: P, a Buddhist, skyping-in from Italy. I sent him my prosperity angel and the next day he wrote to say that acceptance and his re-frame of his understanding of the word had been usefully turned around by our chat. His self-esteem has been eroded by his years in one career. He’s wondering how to offer himself after he retires. He’s a regular meditator. His was the first call in a run of soul chat calls about (lack of) money. Sign of the times?

Soul Chat #12: M is another unique healer learning to be happily self-employed, not yet as abundant as she would like. But she’s on the right track. She loves to do talks, teaching sessions and lectures which I could see would be the central part of her marketing plan, another speaker with a lovely voice. Very knowledgeable, having come from a scientific medical background which can be reassuring to those who seek alternative and complementary health care. M talked of her money curve in terms of waves and crashes, knowing that she was manifesting this bumpy ride herself.

Soul Chat #13: S didn’t want to talk about (lack of) money but she couldn’t help herself. She was my first tears this week, but not my last. I didn’t ask her to bare her soul but she hallucinated that was required of her in my soul chats. I got the sense that it was better out than in and that she is her own harshest critic. Since this woman is known to me personally, I have offered to support her on the next stage of her business development and we can both see energetic shifts already in only 3 days now that she feels lighter.

Soul Chat #14: A is a woman who used the word “interesting” four times in her ten minutes, describes herself as on a journey. A complementary therapist who had recently put herself into the position of being a client of others in her field (in the widest sense) and was enjoying the experience of being on the receiving end for a change, a sort of mystery shopper! I admire her for “going first” which I think is vital. Be what we want to attract, put ourselves in that energy. She ended by saying she was happy to be on her journey of discovery which I applaud as happiness is a gift, a choice, a vibe and the place we must consciously choose first and foremost every day until it’s a habit and our natural state.

Soul Chat #15: B left London for Cornwall a few years ago. Her work as a writer is creatively fulfilling but she also has fears around money. She understands why, she’s done all the work on herself and is close to a breakthrough I feel very strongly. I got a sense that she had one foot on the brake and one on the gas, in a pushmepullyou manoeuvre which may be keeping her stuck. I am reminded that fear is something we bring into our own lives by worrying about the future before we get there. If we can remain in the moment, we are almost always alright now. And if we are alright now…

Soul Chat #16: J is a man who said he wanted to talk about X and ended up talking about Y. He’s a lucky man and everything in his life is turning a corner for the better after what felt like a long slog. It’s important to J to feel rewarded in all areas of his life, but that isn’t necessarily financial reward though abundance is also on his wish list. He’s spending the weekend re-writing his goals. Both coaches, J and I concluded by agreeing that we don’t celebrate our successes nearly enough, we focus instead on what’s wrong. So easy to do. Conversation with J ended with me coming up with a title for a book or a blog post “Start With The Good Stuff”.

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