The Soul2Soul Listening Project: Report Week 3

Soul Chat #17 R is a woman who releases in a rush of tears. When I send her the recording afterwards and she listens to her own wisdom, she gives herself permission to do less and switch off more, noticing that she has been receiving universal nudges to do precisely this.

Soul Chat #18 S is another tearful one, who definitely did not want to surrender to the emotion but couldn’t help herself. She was so grateful that she’d been honest and authentic, giving herself permission to “should” less, grieve fully for a parent-in-law and forgive herself. She wrote later that she had ended up feeling lovely and serene all evening. Nice.

Soul Chat #19 is a creative person and a writer and we talked of meditation, madness and hearts on fire. This Soul Chatter is another who is being led to her new career by her not so pleasant life experiences in regard to her health. Blissfully she was able to see and leverage the gift.

Soul Chat #20 is a relatively new mum, a writer, a blogger and describes herself as “impatient for it to be fast”. Join the club! This lovely lady later blogged as follows about her experience on the call:

“I participated in an experiment today where I got to talk for 10 minutes, and was LISTENED to. I mean, REALLY listened to. No interruptions, no suggestions, no pep talk, no feedback (except some gentle and most welcome comments at the end). It was a real gift, and part of a ‘soul listening’ project you can read about here.

I find that quite often when we talk with others, we don’t REALLY listen all that much, because we’re busy thinking about what we’ll say next, or we hear something we want to comment on and interrupt to get our point in before the opportunity passes. That’s all good and well, and I’m sure I do plenty of that myself… all I’m saying is that it was a real treat to just be listened to without comment or judgment. I felt as though I was being held in a very safe place where it was ok just to share what’s on my mind.”

And finally for week three, Soul Chat #21. N and I got along like a house on fire, a Portuguese lady living in Germany and coming close to completing her PhD, she’s a brainbox who used words like “mind”, “think” and “know” and I recognised a fellow soul who has lived above her neck for a lot of her life. Increasingly N knows she wants to give up her academic career and move into feelings, gut, heart and emotion. She’s just on the cusp of making that leap and trusting that all will be OK.

My gifts this week have been testimonials, feedback, tweets to 9,000 followers, blogs and feelgood, for which bounty I am grateful.

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