The Soul2Soul Listening Project: Report Week 4

Soul Chat #22 L is a live-in carer who described herself as having lived a gypsy life and being of no fixed abode. She talked of her daredevil streak and we shared the stuff she loves in her downtime. L was one of several people who told me how much they are enjoying the Barefoot Doctor’s Sunday Satsangs and I managed to sign up just in time for the final one this coming weekend. I particularly like the sound of his rose gold breathing. Another gift.

Soul Chat #23 J debated ease -v- pain, how to be light and yin -v- yang. I think I got my yins and yangs muddled up but never mind, we both understood one another and the dilemma about moving from the old way of working which is successful but at a terrible cost to the new way which is the lightness of which J spoke.

Soul Chat #24 S wants to do her art, to express herself creatively. Creativity is becoming a recurring theme in the second half of these calls. S is stepping forward, it’s her time, it’s the beginning of her life. Like many soul chatters, it was good to have space to examine which choice of road to take at a crossroads.

Soul Chat #25 A is in Australia so my morning was her evening, an evening she had spent clutter-clearing in her son’s bedroom. A is a happy, grateful, lucky, magical woman with whom I resonated a lot, she’s an EFT practitioner growing a business in Sydney and she put me in touch with my first good book recommendation of the week – Joe Dispenza’s Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create A New One, which kindle sample I had downloaded and digested before bedtime and added to my Amazon Wishlist, another gift.

Soul Chat #26 is another A, who wants to discuss a moral dilemma. Since I know A to be a moral person anyway and she knows me to be the same, we both came to see from what she said that it was no dilemma at all really. Good to catch up and hear that a recent risky move had produced good results so soon already. A and I will be working together soon in The Blog Partnership as her abundance increases.

Soul Chat #27 is M with whom I discuss love, passion, authenticity, heart and divinity. M steps into one of two spaces made available by those who enthusiastically said they would participate and then declined to reply to further follow-up emails from me. And so an opportunity passes to another who made the best of it and added value to my day. Everything is perfect just exactly as it is.

Soul Chat #28 is J who can do anything he puts his mind to if he can only find the courage to change. I have no doubt that he will find this courage and in short order too – he’s a high achiever. He’s also a kind, thoughtful lovely man who wants to make his mark on the world but puts his family first, such is the man. Since his children are now very grown-up, J’s own personal fulfilment is not far out of his reach and his gift to me is the second fabulous book recommendation of the week: Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us To Buy by Martin Lindstrom.

Soul Chatter #29 is in the wind – M, in Greece, waiting for broadband installation so we can speak on Skype. I can only trust that this project of my 29 listening gifts will resolve when the Greek telecom chaps roll up at M’s house!

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