The Story of An Ideal Client

Take one woman who I have known for a while, perhaps as long as a decade. We already like and respect one another.

I’ve met her in the flesh, ditto her other half. I follow her on social media and she me and we say lovely things to each other and about each other and we mean them. We enjoy each other’s content. We’ve wished each other a Happy Birthday for years now.

She books a PWYW consultation, asking if I think I can help her with something off what she considers to be my normal beat. It isn’t but how would she know that? Now she does.

She pays a very generous fee in advance, and we talk for an hour and 45 minutes one Saturday in April 2018.

She PMs me on the Monday morning to let me know how efficacious the session was, how she’s taken action already and how much better she’s feeling. She keeps in touch to let me know how she’s getting along. It is lovely to have her back in my life.

She buys a copy of my book and shares a lovely photo of herself unboxing it as it arrives from Amazon.

She loves it. She gives me a great review on the Ask Judith group and I ask if she would kindly put it on Amazon too. She obliges.

“Just finished YBYW Judith, absolutely loved it! I feel like I have been on a lovely walk with you, where we were deep in conversation. You were forceful where you needed to be and not afraid to just tell me to STOP IT as and when required. But you were gentle, understanding and supportive too. You just KNOW what I am thinking, feeling, resisting and also what I want to achieve and you have the unerring faith that I am capable of it too! Simply brilliant, thank you so much!”

She lets me know she is buying a copy of a book I recommend in my own book, Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout,  and I add her to the free Facebook group to created called I Love My Life for those who have read PG’s book and want to share their daily gratitudes.

Does it get any better than this? Oh yes, it most certainly does! I nearly forgot to mention the 5-star review she left on my Facebook Page after our Saturday sesh.

“I had a fantastic call with Judith on Saturday. She understood exactly where I was coming from very quickly and cut through all of the “fluff” to get to the heart of the issue. Judith was honest, frank and she gave me “new eyes” to see exactly what is holding me back. She made many valuable suggestions which I have already started to implement. I feel passionate about everything again, without Judith’s help and insight I’d still be struggling. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

She’s Donna Barker of the Karenza Network and I have her permission to share all of this. She’s lovely. Told ya.

Your Biz Your Way

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