The Stuff I Love to Share on Facebook

My love/hate relationship with Facebook rumbles on. The last ten days since 20th January 2017 have been perhaps my hardest ever, and over the weekend I have already begun investigating an alternative for my Facebook groups. That’s a discussion for another day.

Today’s discussion is about the things I love about Facebook, some of which I would miss if I were not on FB any more (which I do not rule out right now):

  • Things that make me go Wow!
  • Things that seem funny to me (often me, one of my greatest sources of amusement)
  • Woo woo – Feng Shui, Chinese New Year, astrology, Ho’oponopono, EFT, moony stuff, numerology, pretty much anything esoteric grabs my attention and is shareable
  • Music, books, TV drama, films and radio, mostly from the BBC ‘cos I’m a snob like that
  • Writing and writers, wordy stuff, encouragements to me and others to read more and write more too
  • A good message which speaks to me in whole or in part
  • Stuff about introverts and empaths which help me to appreciate and understand myself and my tribe better
  • Coffee-based memes
  • Beautiful photos (I mostly have no interest in video unless you keep it VERY short)
  • Discussion openers, questions and observations
  • Inspiration from admirable people
  • Mr & Mrs Obama now resting up on Necker Island where I have stayed too, sadly not at the same time as them although they are probably happy about that without knowing
  • Anything which strikes me as thought-provoking, even if only in a tiny way. I make oodles of time for thinking and anything which causes more thought is always welcomed and often shared as I process
  • Quotes that set me up for the day
  • Ideas about clutter-clearing and minimalism, close to my heart and work
  • My own content and that of my clients, blogs and newsletters
  • Our podcast: Own It! the Podcast – own your business AND your life
  • Low-carb recipes, my latest thing
  • Dogs and cats, especially cats
  • Random thoughts

What do you love to share on Facebook and why?

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