The SXM Coach: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Four

Marigot HarbourYesterday I took a day out of the office, a day to learn how to be a better coach and to grab some inspiration for how I might (if I wanted) re-shape my coaching business.

I went with an abundance of clients from my Club 100, all coaches, to see Rich Litvin present a Deep Coaching Masterclass for Alternatives.

Just before Christmas one of my new clients said she wanted to build her new coaching business according to the principles Rich taught in the book he co-wrote with Steve Chandler called The Prosperous Coach, the same book which made me want to be a personal coach again.

When I first started n coaching twelve years ago it was obvious to everyone (though not initially to me) that I should coach small business owners since I had worked in that field for the previous 25 years as an accountant. Eventually I came round and I do that now and I do love it, it must be said.

But us coaches know that we can coach anyone about anything but we are talked out of that because it is thought that for marketing purposes we need “a niche”, a marketing hook which makes it easy for people to know who we are, what we stand for and which expertise gives them a good reason to hire us. And this makes total business sense.

But the heart wants to do what the heart wants to do and Rich is – these days – relatively niche-free, he coaches anyone about anything and that freedom is enviable. I do have a plan for when I go to St Martin to offer myself in a broader capacity, a general all-purpose listening coach and we’ll see how that pans out. Rich opened the day by reminding us coaches (and everyone else, for that matter) that we are here to change the world

At he closed the day by getting us to write a pledge on a card because I said I would. Mine was I’m going to be the SXM Coach. Do join my Open Group on Facebook of the same name if you would like to part of that vision unfolding.


And if you are a coach who meets with her clients face to face, you might like to check out the BecauseISaidIWould project and these cards which you can print out yourself or get some shipped to you, either in a small quantity for personal use or in larger quantities because you too are a person who is here to change the world, one person at a time.

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