The Thrill of Seeing A Client Publishing Her Very Own First Book

I took four hours off yesterday to drive to the beautiful all-new St Pancras International Station, scene of many meetings these days as it’s central and has parking.   I had a lovely day out buying books (all about business and money!) and things in the shops there.   But I was there to meet a client, Suzanne.   Well, strictly she isn’t a client right now, she has moved on.   But she was one of my Elite Entrepreneurs, and once a client at that level always a client.

Our meeting was about our mutual pride and joy in Suzanne’s forthcoming first book.   I can’t tell you about it just yet because the website hasnt gone live, but I promise I will come back with that in a couple of weeks.   Suzanne and I are very different and, equally, we have a lot of qualities in common and having worked together for a year a while back, we know each other pretty well and come back up to speed almost instantaneously.   We are interested in our respective career progression and personal news.

Would I take four hours off work for just anyone?   No.   So what are the qualities in a human being that would cause me to go out of my way, pay Congestion Charge and lose half a day’s productivity?  

  • Joyous sense of humour
  • Diligence
  • Takes herself seriously enough to invest in herself
  • Results-orientated
  • Intelligent
  • Someone I can learn from too
  • Makes you feel better just by being with her

This is by no means an exhustive list.   Thanks to Suzanne for a great afternoon out.   It does make a coach feel great to see her clients go on to even greater success.

And it makes a coach want to write her own first book too.

Your Biz Your Way

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