The Value of Belonging to a Lively Community for Entrepreneurs

Hands touching a globeYesterday was a full-on day, as I have already reported in yesterday’s blog. Mondays see my entrepreneur clients begin afresh with renewed vigour, not least because I require them to attend an accountability check-in. Also we all seemed to have had a stonking week last week, the first full week of 2014, and that energy is spilling over into our community. All good, generally.

But that same energy and the sheet quantum of yesterday’s group output was exhausting to about ten percent of our membership. This caused us to have a debate about how best to manage the overwhelm that full participation in our Club 100 community might bring. I encouraged each client to take responsibility for the extent of their own participation (or not) and not to feel concerned about keeping up 100% with the comings and goings of each participant within our group – that’s my job!

And yet there is much to be gained by participating fully in any community if you choose yours carefully and don’t over-commit and provided it doesn’t come at the expense of your personal focus and work on your own goals, dreams and intentions for your business and this year ahead. Makes sense really, doesn’t it? And yet a lot of communities are peopled by well-meaning women who love to chat with and support others and they draw a lot of energy from that too. Fab, but remember to balance the taking with the giving please.

I love group work and creating and leading supportive communities and was very gratified when one new client remarked:

“It is very nice to be part of this group; in only a week I’ve enjoyed lots of support, ideas, and resources. Working with Judith is more than just her being coach, it is really an amazingly resourceful network of women solopreneurs, and I love it!

Is belonging to an inspiring and resourceful community of like-minded people what you are missing in your lonely entrepreneurship? If so, talk to me and I will let you know how joining our Club 100 gang will give you a leg up and put a supportive virtual team around you again.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    This sounds marvellous, Julia. Great idea, I can feel the energy it created too. Productivity is always energising in my experience.
    I often do what you say with a virtual friend on Skype; keeps us both on our toes – no slacking allowed!

  2. Julia says:

    Yes, I agree with what you say here Judith´╗┐… being part of a community can be truly inspiring and spur you on, provided you take responsibility for your participation vs. productivity and know when to switch off and work.

    Today, I had a real result here at home, testing out something which an artist friend and I had discussed last week. She came, with her pens and papers to work at my empty table on her art and writing as I finished my tax return and other tasks at my desk.

    Various benefits were discussed over lunch:
    1. We both had company whilst doing our work rather than becoming lonely at home.
    2. We both focused on our tasks rather than getting distracted by other things, thus holding each other silently accountable purely by being each other’s company.
    3. Knowing someone else was in the room working as well made the distractions less appealing.
    4. We both stopped for a proper lunch break rather than a. not eating; b. eating at our desk whilst still working; and c. this was our chance to chat a little before returning to work.

    The outcome? A productive day and we will be trying this again.

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