The Vibe: Little Miracles Get Bigger Every Day

Positive-EnergyI know some of my readers, family and friends think I’m as mad as a box of frogs with all my talk of woo woo but, like everything else I believe in my life, the more I practise it, the better my results. And the more it becomes my truth, the more I come to regard it as a reliable tool I can use to fix almost anything. Yesterday, yet more evidence showed up in my life and I love evidence because it encourages more believers.

A woman I know quite well booked herself into my online diary during the course of the morning, saying that she was “stuck”. We had a chat. A long one actually, one hour and 45 minutes to be precise, which is unusual and – to be fair to my client – her blockages weren’t that big, but by the time you catch up, well…you know how it goes.

There were two areas of stuckness, one to do with pricing and self-esteem, which are inextricably linked in my experience. The other to do with a limiting belief that one aspect of her work was heavy and inevitably required hardship.

The way my client was looking at both issues was negative, rather than positive. It did take us a while to discover how it could be otherwise but we succeeded in the end and we both left the call upbeat and optimistic for my client’s impending success.

I swiftly received two follow-up emails from her. The first sorted out one of the perceived blockages and actually had manifested during the course of our call – now there’s fast for you!  Beautiful cool workshop venues at bargain prices, previously thought impossible (with no evidence to support that assumption).

And the second one manifested within 24 hours, less in fact. The piece of work she had quoted for and thought she wouldn’t get (due to her top end and completely appropriate and business-like pricing) was confirmed, as I had suggested to her she might consider to be in the bag.

I have to tell you that neither of these pieces of news came as a surprise to me, though we both laughed delightedly and were grateful for the speedy results. It’s all about the vibe, you see. And since then, keeping the vibrations up, my client has manifested an additional £3,350 in sales with more to come which she hasn’t priced yet. And these sales are coming from people who esteem her as highly as she now esteems herself. What a fabulous couple of days for her!

If the energy you are giving to something is negative or low, you are going to sabotage a successful outcome. You become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s as simple as that. Yes, I know it sounds naive and simplistic, but if you were sitting in my seat where I see this over and over, you’d know. And if you could see how many emails rock up in my inbox beginning “you’ll never guess what…”, again you’d know.

My peer group is widening to include more and more people who believe this too, in whole or in part. Some of them were formerly non-believers who exclaim with delight and wonder when they discover little miracles in their bank accounts and businesses. And little miracles get bigger everyday with your decision that they can.

Conversely, those who do not expect it to work do not see and share the same fortuitous results. As Wayne Dyer taught us way back, it isn’t a matter of you’ll believe it when you see it, but rather that you’ll see it when you believe it. Get your head round that one. Believe first.

I wish I could tell you this works 100% without fail. In my life thus far it doesn’t, but I am still experimenting and my odds are improving all the time. It is working more and more and extraordinarily it works even better with my clients than it does for me. I am in the process of scientifically examining why that is. If I can do it for them, I can do it for me; it’ll just be a matter of turning that vibe inwards as well as outwards which often appears to me to be easier.

It’s about the sort of energy, the vibe, we bring to everything. And it can be very small details you have to watch. What you are saying to yourself, the negative self-talk. Subliminal beliefs which sabotage outcomes, repeating old  broken patterns. Putting out the wrong vibration or expectation. The language you use, self-deprecating words which always fall from your lips, unheeded until someone else listens and feeds that back to you; I hear that at Cashflow games al the time. All must be first noticed and then changed to be in line with the preferred outcome you desire.

I’ve always been into this in a small way, for about twenty years. But over the last five to ten years, since being a coach, I’ve stepped it up considerably and in the last eighteen months even more so. I now firmly believe that being a vibrational match for your desires is the key and that this is a secret weapon which, when added to your actions, will supercharge your results.

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