The Wilderness of Your Intuition

This week, inspired by Alan Alda, I have been blundering about in the wilderness of my intuition and I am thrilled to report that I wrote a whole list of things I could tell you about in this context and I was deeply chuffed about that because it was going to make writing today’s newsletter so easy. Can I find that list now? Can I ‘eck as like! And that’s just perfect exactly as it is.

I know I’ve been following my intuition. I’ve been doing what felt right and trying to avoid most of the other sort of “opportunity”. If self-employment isn’t mostly about pleasing ourselves, I don’t know what it is.

So I’ve been blogging most days with the intention of doing it every day except Sunday, my chosen day of rest. This means I have to think up things to write about which seems hard at the beginning but already I have a few topics more than I need this week. It seems that as you get stuck into anything, flow eventually ensues.

There have been a couple of little innovations rounds these parts, and three newbies in my diary and meeting new people – albeit online – is always exciting.

  • What will this one want?
  • How will I be able to help?
  • What’s their business all about?
  • What direction will our conversation take?

I have found myself encouraging clients not to worry. About anything. Ever. I’m not quite sure why we get our knickers in a knot about stuff, but we do. It doesn’t help. There’s pretty much always a solution or a workaround, and sometimes we don’t even have to go looking for it, it just turns up. Imagine that.

My Creating the Impossible project following Michael Neill’s book of the same name is turning out to be so much nicer and gentler than I could possibly have imagined from the word Impossible in the title. Silly me. Of course it would be, given his (relatively) new way of operating, from the Inside Out. Today I let myself off doing anything because it involved drawing, and even though I’m not good at drawing and he reminded me that didn’t matter and wasn’t the point, I didn’t need to do that so I didn’t. How liberating.

And M’s words are reminding me of all his best coaching tips which I use with clients, such as “Once you have a clear sense of where you’re going and where you are now, what will almost always happen is that the next step will emerge. How do you know it’s the next step? Because it’s something that you can and will do today.” Gorgeous.

Out in the wilderness of my intuition, I have been discovering myself and I’ve been meeting my clients here too. And just as Hawkeye promised, it’s been wonderful. Only this morning on one of my drop-in calls I was contemplating sitting quietly for the last thirty minutes and doing absolutely nothing at all…not planning, not jotting down notes, not getting ahead (my disease, such as it is) with today’s blog post or my newsletter.

Instead, a client turned up, slightly worried she wasn’t “hitting the ground running” and I shared my thoughts about doing nothing for half an hour. We didn’t exactly do it together but what we did was pretty close. We had a chat. We re-discovered ourselves, and a good deal more besides. It’s all a lot easier, more peaceful and less worrying out here than we had dared to hope. We exhaled.

What it puts me in mind of is this lovely quote from T.S. Elliot which my beloved Wayne Dyer never missed an opportunity to remind me every time I heard him speak:

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

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