Then What? 43 Questions About Money

  1. If I were clear to make money, then what?
  2. If my vibe were in alignment with more money, then what?
  3. If I didn’t care what others thought about my ability to make money, then what?
  4. If I were brave enough to make money in my business, then what?
  5. If I were visible enough to make money, then what?
  6. If I allowed the flow of money to me instead of blocking it, then what?
  7. If I didn’t have to work really hard to make money, then what?
  8. If I stopped self-sabotaging when it comes to money, then what?
  9. If I could increase my prices and ask for what I truly deserve, then what?
  10. If I cleared any and all blocks to money, then what?
  11. If I made no assumptions about money, then what?
  12. If I dropped all my baggage around money, then what?
  13. If I put my own financial integrity before my addiction to ideas, then what?
  14. If I experimented with making more money, then what?
  15. If I allowed myself to be creative AND make money, then what?
  16. If I changed my mind about money, then what?
  17. If I could be peaceful and abundant around money, then what?
  18. If I had more money, then what?
  19. If I had lots more money, then what?
  20. If I cleared all my debts, then what?
  21. If I were not so good at living on so little, then what?
  22. If I were not fearful of money, then what?
  23. If my money were nobody else’s business, then what?
  24. If I enjoyed making money, then what?
  25. If I committed to changing my broken relationship to money, then what?
  26. If I learned to become good with money, then what?
  27. If I set some goals around money, then what?
  28. If my daily habits were congruent with making more money, then what?
  29. If I change what I think about people who have money, then what?
  30. If I were not too busy to make money, then what?
  31. If it was easy to make money, then what?
  32. If the local and global economy had nothing to with my ability to make money easily, then what?
  33. If it was OK to have lots more money, then what?
  34. If I allowed myself to believe I could have more money, then what?
  35. If everything I’d ever believed about money was wrong, then what?
  36. If I deserved more money, then what?
  37. If money were my entitlement/my divine right, then what?
  38. If I was open to receive avalanches of abundance, then what?
  39. If I was ready to surrender years of financial struggle and lack, then what?
  40. If everything I needed to be prosperous is already within me, then what?
  41. If I was ready to trust in unlimited abundance, then what?
  42. If I were to extend the invitation to more money, then what?
  43. If I were to open the floodgates to wealth, then what?

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