Things I Wanted To Do In January But Haven’t And What I’m Going To Do About It

January So much to do, so little time.   January has been dominated so far by meetings and travel.   Birmingham, Manchester, Earlsfield, Worthing, Hoxton, Rochester, and up to the West End and back three or four times.   Which has meant I havent got around to doing quite a lot of the things on my 2009 goals list, such as:

Spiritual Self Care including new healthier life campaign including regularising sleep patterns.   Xmas has played havoc with that and I am not back to “normal” yet; in fact, I seem to have a new normal which has resulted in my moving my working day to start at 11 a.m. – unheard of for me to be such a “slacker”.   Spiritual self-care includes a daily ritual of tapping, visualising, journalling and ho’oponopono.

Re-opening my Rent2Own business HomesInAHurry.

Increasing my prices for my own coaching work and finishing off my new website, which is a work in progress scheduled for completion during December 2008 (!).

Growing my sales teams for ClaimWithJudith and Harlequin.

Lots and lots of web work – Marion created two wonderful new sites for me in December which I haven’t signed off on yet because I haven’t made the time to “perfect” the wording.   HomesInAHurry needs an edit to reflect my new slant on my R2O business and I need to create two more new blogsites – one about debt and one about my dream life in the Caribbean and how Harlequin can bring that about.

I have worked out how I want to spend my time and matched days of the week to projects and that new routine takes effect on week commencing 9th February.   Just got to stick to it now.

So in summary, more for me than anyone else – that’s

  • Spiritual Self-Care
  • Rent2Own
  • Price increase on coaching & mentoring and finish off new website
  • Grow sales teams
  • Launch two nearly-finished websites plus two more new ones
  • Make time to blog more often on all the new sites
  • Launch and market our upcoming Property Day in The Money Gym which is going to be truly awesome with great speakers, great investment opportunities going right back to No Money Down basics, learning some new stuff about SIPPS and taking control of our own pensions rather than abdicating that to the City – look where that’s got us – and finding new ways to make money in property in the current market which is generally accepted to be a unique opportunity for those of us in the know, our insiders.

What would Brendan do to get that all taken care of in February?   He would make good use of the Blockbusting Day we have coming up at the Creative Entrepreneurs Club on the last Friday of the month for starters – could crack some of that web work during that timeslot.   And he would stick to what he had diarised.   And he would have a vision and a plan to achieve it and he would show up and put the work in like a pro.   Go Brendan, go Judith.

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