Thinking and Doing

ThinkingThere’s a time for thinking. And then there’s a time for doing, perhaps especially when the answers don’t come. And don’t come. And don’t come.

There’s no perfect, least of all before you start. And sometimes thinking, or over-thinking, becomes unproductive and you start to bore and frustrate yourself.

That’s the time to start doing something. Anything.

Many of my clients do not yet believe it is possible to make a nice living doing what they love. And so they hover and hesitate and over-think and search for perfect. In those circumstances, I encourage you to get into action. Start doing something, anything, which meets some of your criteria and the rest will follow, including the dosh. It doesn’t matter if you believe it, trust me and together let’s watch you prove it.

Action is attractive, it draws people and things to you and you can change tack more easily once you are in motion. You can tweak, and drop bits which are wrong and add bits which are right. Miracles will happen and you’ll just trip across them unexpectedly. It’s an adventure, set off and see what happens. Trust me on this one. I know it works. I’ve done it myself and I’ve seen my clients do it over and over. Life is endlessly surprising. That’s the good news.

I love a good think, me. But I see my clients getting stuck in thought when action is what’s required.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, just that you do something. Pick any one tiny thing of the endless list of things you could do and crack on with it. Feel better, so do it a bit more. Soon adventures are manifesting, you’re enjoying yourself, feeling more confident, someone commissions you to do something or makes you a commercial proposition, maybe not ideal but financial flow has begun.

It is from this place of attractive action, not more thinking, that you can get closer to what you want, as the mists clear.

Once you are in flow, do make time for thinking. But if in doubt right now, just do. It doesn’t really matter what; momentum will lead you on to the logical next step which you feel like you could accomplish, something joyful or good or positive or new.

  1. Set off on the path, any path.
  2. Prepare to be amazed.

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