Thoughts About Selling

stock investmentI love selling. My clients mostly do not. Here are some thoughts about selling which might help.

The only thing we cannot control is when. When a client will buy. They will buy when they are good and ready. And their reasons for making that decision are not only about money. They are about how much desire you have created for the thing you are selling, product or service, and if they have enough room in their lives to focus on using well and enjoying their purchase from you.

Yes, I know you CAN get them to buy within a timeframe that suits you. I don’t, because it involves what I regard as scarcity. It leads to buyer’s remorse, often as not. The ways you CAN do this if you are intent upon it include introducing scarcity i.e. there’s a limit to the number available and providing a deadline by which they must purchase, i.e. by midnight on a certain date. Both work FYI. We know this because we’ve all bought like this. Sometimes it’s even fun. It has the “go on, then” factor, as I call it, when the timing and the pricing come together at just the right moment for a purchase, the magic ka-ching moment.

My clients fall into different camps when it comes to making a decision to buy coaching and mentoring from me:

1. You want it but you can’t afford it – either you know that or I tell you that (!)

You want it before we speak or you are, at least, curious. We have a discussion about the most affordable ways we can work together, either via my incubator group which is called Small Business Big Magic and costs only £50 a month for incredible value. Or one or more of my PWYW (pay what you want) calls, which means you can pay what you choose to afford right now on an as-and-when basis.

2. Come on over and let’s talk about it some more

This is very rare, but tomorrow I have someone coming over for a visit. We’ve already had a chat and she lives nearby, so why not let’s get to know each other a little better face to face? This is rare as hens’ teeth but, oddly, it was my suggestion (introvert alert) but the client warrants it I feel. She already knows she wants to work with me so we are just having a conversation finalising what she’s going to work on and what level of investment she wants to make. Notice I mostly trust my clients to decide this for themselves. I will help them if they ask. And if they join a group which is too junior or too senior for them, I will say. Groups are gorgeous and you pay more for the privacy of 1-2-1.

3. The right time for you

You already know who I am and what I do. You’ve had a free taster session and/or the occasional ad-hoc PWYW call too, perhaps. You will come when you are good and ready and I am prepared to wait. I’ve already been doing this work since 2002 and at the end of 2014 I’m right back in love with coaching and don’t see that ending any time soon. There’s no scarcity except in Club 100 when occasionally I get “full up” and have to put clients on a waiting list. I am absolutely 100% aligned with waiting for the right time for you to work with me. Sometimes that’s 3 minutes, sometimes it’s three months, sometimes it’s three years or longer. Whenever’s right for you is right for me. For you, it’s got to be the right time. For me, it’s always the right time, but I’m cool to wait. I’m so cool, me.

4. When?

When is pretty much ALL my existing clients want to know for their own businesses. When will you make an income from yours? Depends, is the short answer. The longer one involves what you are offering, how long you have been offering it for, whether or not your clients and customers want it to the extent that they are prepared to pay for it and whether you want to tempt them into buying it, create desire, or close them on the basis of lack and scarcity. Often I notice that the closer you are to running out of money, the more likely it is that you will ask for the business. And, conversely, the more comfortable you are, the less likely. Asking means laying out your stall temptingly and offering affordable options and some which are reassuringly expensive too, making it easy and lovely for clients to buy. We love to buy.

Prepare for the long haul. Plan for a short, medium and long game. I’ll show you how. This short list barely scratches the surface when it comes to the ways in which people will buy. If you examine the different thoughts and emotions you have around the shopping you do, you will notice difference energies and how people and shops offer us their stuff in appealing ways. Watch yourself as you buy and borrow ideas and concepts from that. I always tell my clients to sell as you buy, employing strategies you are fully aligned with and which you already now work because you do it like that.

It may be that you do not have to sell at all, just allow people to buy. Notice that gorgeous and subtle difference. One is outward, one is inward. But in order for clients and customers to buy, you have to let them know you are there doing what you are doing (marketing), selling your goods and services, and you have to create desire. If you get that bit right, they will buy. But if you let your anxiety about selling put you off, that will leak most unattractively and sales will be few and far between and involve a lot of angst on your part, and a loooong scary wait for funds incoming.

Learn to love sales and marketing. It’s fun, honest. Let’s talk. Let’s talk about sales and marketing, the two vital bits of your business which is probably missing or only partly working for you, the two bits you are iffy about.


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