Three Helpful Questions I Ask My HIgher Self Every Day

Cat PurringI’ve adopted a new habit recently, you might even say it is a form of daily spiritual practice. I ask myself three questions at least once a day and I allow the answers to come from a place other than my logical brain.

What are you on about, Judith? What other places can answers possibly come from?

  • God
  • The universal intelligence
  • My higher self
  • Source
  • The quantum soup which connects us all
  • My subconscious
  • My intuition
  • Energy
  • Take your pick, call it what you like. Am I bovvered? Just experiment already!

I don’t really care where the answers come from if I’m honest, just that they come.  Ask and it is given.

I am asking for inspiration. Divine inspiration. Divine (to me) means it comes from someone/somewhere outside of brain me, from beyond the immediate idiot me who thinks she is the centre of the Universe and that she controls everything. It comes from my intuition or my various spiritual and energetic connections. And as the inspiration always comes, it takes the pressure off me to need to know the answer to everything. Ego me thinks I do. Get her.

This is handy when I get tired and I go to bed not knowing the answer to something. I remember to ask and trust that I will wake up with the answer, ideally next morning but equally I am happy to be woken in the night or to have to wait a few days or weeks for it. I know it will come. It always does, so I trust it now. That feels great. It’s not all down to me, ridiculous idiot that I am thinking it always did or needed to. I’ve got divine mates and we are a team. One of my spookier colleagues calls them his I-Team.

So, the three questions I am currently asking my higher self go like this…

  1. What shall I blog about today? I’m on a 365 day blog fest and I know all those topics will not come from my logical brainiac self. Today this post was the answer to that question.
  2. How can I best help my clients today? Yesterday morning, in the bathroom, I got a nudge to recommend a particular book to a client with whom I am beginning work next week. I knew he would love it, I intuitively knew it was right for him. I couldn’t wait to rush to the laptop and tell him about it. He bought it immediately and fed back later in the day how perfect it was for him. Gorgeous. The I-Team are working through me.
  3. How can I best help myself today? Today the answer to that one seems to be to keep on enjoying and playing with the Mindfulness Bell which was recommended to me by Energy Sessions Julia in her newsletter this week. I am on Day three, and even as I write this sentence it appeared on my screen with a lovely Tibetan bell noise, reminding me to notice my breathing. So I take a few seconds to remember to notice my in breath and my out breath. And it helps, with stress and relaxation and busyness and mindfulness. I also read something on Facebook about how having a purring cat sit on you and sharing her happiness is an easy way to live in the moment, so me and Mitsy have been doing that too, more deliberately that normal. She’s in kitty heaven, of course, and her happiness in the moment is infectious. It becomes mine.

What questions will you ask for divine help with?

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