Three Years of Inspiration and Perspiration

Inspiration-and-Trees-150x150What inspires you? When I am wearing my writer’s hat, I take inspiration from the words of others. When I am in my writing chair, I find tuning into the nature outside my office window and the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees is uplifting. I also love books and cinema, meditations, high-quality TV drama, music, people doing their utmost, the sea, and the stars and the moon. There’s more, obviously.

I find clients going out of their way during their precious leisure time to learn more about their relationship with money also very inspiring especially an entrepreneur, setting out on their journey to create a business, to create wealth. And they will need inspiration.

Obviously it is my hope that they will choose, at some appropriate point in their evolution, the inspiration that I can provide as their business coach. Or that they find the right business mentor, if not me.

And sorry to bring it up, yucky as it is, but there’s perspiration involved in success too.   Yes, you have probably become aware of the concept of effortless success, when you are in the flow, and that’s gorgeous. But for most ordinary mortals, being successful at anything pretty much requires focus, dedication and plenty the right sort of activity.

I’m not interested in anything which is going to take me longer than three years.   I think that’s enough these days.   Of course, it depends how old you are when you start and how much time and energy you have, but experience tells me that your business should be at a rolling boil by three years. I spoke to a young entrepreneur this morning and I can tell his success is going to come much sooner than three years, but mostly my clients remind me repeatedly of what I already know from personal experience, namely that three years is when the major impact of your marketing efforts start to come home to roost.

Many underestimate what’s involved, and some decide they don’t like working for themselves and return to the 9-5.   Honestly? That’s also inspirational, as people take the right decision for themselves at the right time, balancing other needs such as family and finances.

If you have a business plan, a marketing plan, a vision, a strategic objective and you put your energy into it, connect with some others who inspire you and take the right actions – you should be starting to reap the rewards by the three year point. If not, move on. Thinking about that decision? Should you go or should you stay now? Sell it, stop it, cash in your chips, cut your losses? You probably even know the answer already and it might help to think what three more years of your life is worth.

But what if you are diddling about – sometimes being inspired, sometimes perspiring, sometimes attracting, sometimes working really hard for it? What would really help you now? Do write to me and let me know as I am ready, willing and able to address your challenges. Free advice is not to be sniffed at. You can even do it anonymously. It’s always the brave people who write and ask and, in so doing, you help the rest.

Growing your business requires you to grow personally – have you noticed that?  Aren’t you just loving it? Lots of my readers, commenters and clients let me know that their business journey is also a personal development one and yes, they do love it and the person they are emerging to be.

Action, attraction, inspiration and perspiration – a little bit of each, shake it up and get stuck in and soon you too will be enjoying the fruits of your labours. And I can help, support, cajole, connect and inspire.

Your Biz Your Way

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