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I posted on the Money Gym forum today about thrift.   Having spent a month with lots of American snowbirds during December, I noticed their thrifty habits, no doubt designed to eek out their scant pensions and make them go further in the slightly cheaper, definitely warmer Caribbean.

I notice that they order dinner, eat half and take the other half home for another meal, tomorrow?

And I notice that they care about every dollar, taking a bag where a box would have cost them that dollar.

And this is just how it should be, but its not how I instinctively am.   I am going to model them in 2010 for as long as this tedious credit crunch drags on, somewhat encouraged by an article by Suze Orman in Oprah’s magazine where she suggested we prune our outgoings by 10-15% in 2010.   One of my Money Gym colleagues in going for a whopping 20% again eeking out the time she can spend not working.   Good on her!

And yet another colleague offered up thoughts on asking for a discount just because.

And with that age old synchronicity, the replies rolled into my posting from people who had been thinking and doing the same sorts of things.

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and Debbie Bissett’s new website – brand new but keep checking back as it grows – Fabulously Frugal.

Are you thrifty and frugal?  Do you never pay full price for anything? Do please share your best tips here.

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