Time Bending with Tom: Podcast Ep 174

  • Mystics, sages and modern neuroscience
  • How the brain works
  • How to switch off a busy mind with meditation and find a timeless flow state
  • When to meditate so as to create an interruption-free zone for your creative work
  • How to own time, bend time and slow time
  • How our bodies have an awareness of time via our heartbeat, circadian rhythms and breathing
  • Slow your breathing and you live longer.

These are all topics under review in Focus of the Week today as the Own It! the Podcast enjoys a historic first in guest Tom Evans who teaches us how to own time.

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And he’s been downloaded 900,000 times on Insight Timer – Wow! Own It can only dream…

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I finally get my hands on my elusive foreign currency but not before I’ve made three (THREE!) round trips to City Airport, and all because I didn’t read the small print. There’s been another power outage in Stoupa, turning Nicola into a Victorian lady who retires to bed to read by the light of her candelabra.

My fire is fuelled by my newsletter readers and my new Fabulous Adventure low-carb lifestyle clients securing early results, and Nicola’s inspired to launch a new 30-day challenge to 50+ participants to Be Everywhere Online in a month, creating 3-4 pieces of powerful content.

Our Words of the Week are Weather (hers) and Unorthodox (mine).

Project Updates starts out dull with my book sales and blogfest contributor numbers and Nicola’s word count on her sci-fi novel, but turns a tad more interesting when we discover a mahoosive spike in our podcast download numbers (1500) on Monday 19th March taking our download numbers in just a few days to more than we normally achieve in a month. Can this be the much-desired hockey stick effect which Nicola has been wanting for our podcast since inception? That would spur us on enormously. Another unexplained anomaly is my 103,000 impressions on Twitter in the last 28 days. Stats, eh?

I am impressed by Declan Donnelly and Zoe Ball, and Nicola is seriously unimpressed by her affiliate partner who has returned to flaky status and not paid on time – AGAIN – putting her seriously out of integrity, the partner not Nicola.

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