Today’s Newsletter: How Big Is Your But?

BUTI’ve been spending some time getting to know small business owners, some new ones, people I didn’t know before. Facebook has helped enormously with this.  Thank you to everyone who so far has participated in my Entrepreneur of the Day experiment: Karen, Beryl, Mel, Graham, Wendy, Pauline, Sam, Sarah, Jenny and Jennifer. I’m looking forward to catching up soon with many more including Julia, Sophie, Emma and Osmaan. Find out below how you can add your name to that list.

My intention in offering lots of diary space to talk to new people was to find out the state of global entrepreneurship and take the temperature of small business in 2013. How’s everyone getting on? What new challenges are presenting themselves?

I always start by asking my Skype callers to tell me all about themselves and their businesses and what emerges is pretty much always the same but also very different, even unique. And yet we inevitably get to a point in the conversation where the elephant on the line is a but. “I have a business I like/enjoy/am proud of, but…” and that’s where I come in.

Here’s what some of those buts look like.

I love my business, but…

  • It’s not really what I want to be doing. My niche is all wrong.
  • This looks like the sensible option; could I really make money pursuing my passion?
  • I’ve been working very hard, perhaps I could work smarter?
  • I travel all the time, I’m a road warrior. How can I reshape my business and retrain and retain my existing clients so I can spend more time at home?
  • How can I make money when my focus is all over the place?
  • Do I believe in myself enough to charge what I’m really worth?
  • Can I really make a living doing this?
  • My clients can’t afford me.
  • I’m caught in the trap of exchanging time for money.
  • This worked when I was younger but I can’t go on doing this physical work as I get older. Is there a better way?
  • This business isn’t really the one I want to be running. Here’s my cunning plan, do you think it could work? What would be even better?
  • Who am I? How is that reflected in what I do? How can I be more authentic so my business feels like a better fit for the me I am now?
  • I’ve got so many ideas, I don’t really know which one to pursue first.
  • I’m frightened because…
  • I’m worried about…

Do you recognise your but in any of those, or is yours different?

I guess none of my Entrepreneurs of the Day would have volunteered to spend 45 minutes talking to me about themselves and their businesses if they didn’t have a sneaking idea I might be able to help them fix something broken, or make sense of their ideas, or encourage them that now is the right time to be moving on up.

These calls are magic and they are available to anyone who wants to explore some alternative thinking about their existing business, or starting a new one.

Book your slot here: They’re FREE!

Do I have an ulterior motive? No, but I do ask for a testimonial in return which I can share on my website and/or Facebook profile and I ask you to do the same, describe your experience on your own Facebook timeline. My intention to increase my readership of this newsletter and my blog and to widen my circle of contacts who know who I am, what I do and how I can help so that more people can find out about me and my affordable coaching/mentoring service. And it’s working, thanks to you all.

The reason I ask about the size of your but is because there is a direct correlation between the pain in your but and your willingness to do something about it. That’s where I come in, that’s where I can help.

My goal is to be the most useful and easily affordable cost-effective business coach and mentor working in the UK today. Some kindly and well-intentioned chap wrote on Facebook that I am worth a lot more than I am currently charging and that may be true. But he’s missing the point, love and respect him though I do. I have done lots of much more highly paid coaching and mentoring in the last decade but that can often exclude so many fledgling businesses who, for one reason or another, may be skint and scarce or who may not yet be aware of the benefits I can bring to their businesses and their lives and at incredibly affordable prices. My heart lies with you, Beloved.

So I’ve put together a stonking summer offer for the first Lucky 13 new and returning clients to apply…

Judith’s Summer Spesh: The July Lucky 13

If you are ready to book and pay £1,000 for a year’s business coaching, mentoring and advice delivered in the next 12 months on Skype and email, I will throw in a year’s membership of my Club 100. What does this mean for you?

  • It effectively doubles the amount of time you get working 1-2-1- with me from one hour per month to two hours a month. And together we will find the most useful combination of how best to use it for you. You can take your calls in two x 1 hour per month, or four x half hours per month or you can accelerate your allocation and use it all up much faster than a year, or slow it down to suit.
  • You can write to me every night before bedtime with your daily progress report if you wish and get a useful reply. Or you can report on particular days in the month where we have decided together you will work on the tricky bits with my stand-by support. I am speedy and responsive at email and may sometimes invite you to a little extra Skype if needs be. That’s a bit like being summoned to the Head’s study, but perhaps a tad gentler!
  • And you can enjoy the optional additional group membership benefits of the Club 100 including a Monday morning accountability group chat on Facebook and/or the Google Group in which to report your weekly goals and progress. The Club 100 group element is not for everyone, participate in it as much or as little as you choose. There’s pals there if you want them and not if you don’t.

I’ve spent about five seconds trying and failing to think of a smarty-pants marketing name for my Summer Spesh – like Whopper, or Double Whammy, or Supersize but they are all rather redolent of McDonalds and since I am now a green juicer that’s in rather poor taste!

Anyway, you get the gist, don’t you? Twice as much help for half the price. A twofer. You might even share it with a business partner, or friend, or colleague – as long as it’s another self-employed person or someone wanting out of the day job or to get to grips with their finances, we can make that work.

There are qualifiers, but only two:

  1. The £1,000 fee is payable in advance during July but you can start whenever you like and take your allocation as fast or as slow as you want, and
  2. I can only take 13 people under this scheme at this time, my Lucky 13.

How do you book your spot and become one of my Lucky 13? Just reply to this email saying you would like to book in a no-strings exploratory chat a.s.a.p. and I’ll send a link to my online diary. Let me know if you are thinking of sharing this with another and taking half the allocation each. One of you needs to pay the £1000 in advance and you can settle up between you. Talk to me about how to make the financial details easy. That’s my thing.

Now the only thing you need to think about is this: Is your but big enough or painful enough and is now the right time to be doing something about it?

Your Biz Your Way

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