Tom Evans: Inner-tuition and Outer-tuition

tom-evans“Back in August this year, an email came popped into my Inbox from Judith Morgan. Amongst other things in it, there was the offer of a complimentary 1-2-1 session with her over Skype.

Now my head would have told me that I didn’t need it. I was riding high. My heart would have told me to let someone else in more need take that slot and not to be greedy. I have everything I need … and more after all.

Yet, for some reason, I clicked the link and booked my slot. Judith even commented when we spoke that she was surprised as anyone that I’d booked in. Externally it appeared all was fine and dandy.

We chatted and surely enough what emerged was that the creative engine was in fine fettle but my marketing muscle had atrophied somewhat. Judith pointed out the obvious error of my ways and the basic rule of marketing – I was fishing in the wrong sea. My customers were elsewhere and wanting to engage in a different way at price points to suit them. She explained how ’bendy pricing’ worked and pointed me a site called DailyOm that was perfect for my books and ecourses.

Just a little over two months later, my first ecourse is launching today and I have more lined up. Initial reception into the DailyOm community and feedback on the course has been astounding.

The lesson I learned is to trust our ’inner’ guide to point us in the direction of ’outer’ guides, like Judith. Our head quite simply does not know what it doesn’t know. When help is offered, take it with gratitude. When it is given, accept it with thanks. To amplify the effect, offer what help you can to others as and when you can. Give it freely in the knowledge it will bounce back at you multiplied several times over.

p.s. The course by the way is called Manage Your Time with Mindfullness and is now available here – at a price where people choose what they can afford!

I so love too the great feature on DailyOm where people can gift the course to a friend. Sharing the gift of more time has such karmic resonance. What goes around comes around. Eternal thanks to you Judith.”

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