“Tons Of Ideas, Hundreds Of People, Mega Street Cred”

“Two hours’ mentoring with Judith clarified my thinking, made me appreciate how far I’ve already come this year, and how (magically) I am already stepping my business up to the next level. Thanks, you’re a star Judith!”

“Thank you Judith, you are amazing! After our meeting I am extremely positive and excited and that is all down to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the information you have given me and for lunch. The time flew by so quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of our meeting.”

“Judith gives so much more than I expected and I have met such interesting fascinating people through her – she is fabulous, extremely generous with her time and you just feel that she really loves to see her clients achieve their dreams.”

“She gets you to where you want to be, faster than you had anticipated, and with more fun! She has helped get me to a place that I might have reached in 3 or 4 years time in just 7 months, encouraging me to be bigger and bolder than I thought I could be. I am now speaking professionally, writing a book and blogging regularly – none of which I would have anticipated before meeting her.”

“Under Judith’s all-seeing eye and exceptional tutelage, my career has been remodelled, my income has trebled (and rising!), my thinking and expectations have expanded beyond measure and I am now set on a path of achievement and abundance. Generosity of spirit, exceptional intelligence and insight, humour, warmth and humanity are the qualities which define Judith and I hold her in the very highest regard, both professionally and personally.”

So what makes Judith so different? She is not caught up in the fact that she is a coach. She has tons of ideas, knows hundreds of people who can just about sort anything, has a matter of fact attitude (I love that), she is also an Accountant so understands all that money stuff and has mega street-cred. One session with her goes a very long way. But she is always contactable and responds to questions and cries for help immediately.”

“You are so terribly calm and practical, Judith, even your emails make me take a big deep breath and stop all this silly flapping. How do you do it, and can you bottle it please?”

“Quite simply the fast-talking, clear-thinking, results-orientated Judith is what I can only term a ‘super coach’. So those that choose Judith don’t just choose quality and results but also all that comes with her which appears infinitely glorious because she’s also a fabulous individual, and this can only be a good thing, and extends way beyond what any testimonial could suggest. 11/10 from me, that’s for sure.”

“WOW Judith, you have blown me away with your laser like penetration of the intricacies of my business and also my mind. What really impressed me was your ability to keep focused despite the plethora of variables of where I am and the challenges I face.”

“Judith, since we have been working together my life has totally transformed. Following JUST ONE of your ideas I have increased my income by £1000 pcm in only five months and this is set to triple in the next five.”

“Judith has this incredible knack of knowing when to be kind and gentle and go easy on you and when to be more direct and, well, stick a rocket up yer bum!”

“Hi Judith…wow! That was one hell of a call! I could barely sleep last night for my brain digesting the information you gave me! I’m really excited… can you tell? I can barely contain myself and can’t wait to get started.”

“In just one hour, Judith took all my haphazard and brilliant ideas and threw them back to me in forms that made complete sense. She took me from floundering and wondering how these ideas could make money to seeing a future of immense possibility just working on one course. She removed my angst around money, investment and a bill I owe to my accountant. I am gobsmacked in deep admiration.”

“I love Judith’s quirky way of looking at things; she has helped shape my current project into what it is today and encouraged me to see a far bigger picture. Working with Judith is a joy and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else wishing to improve their life beyond recognition.”

Your Biz Your Way

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