Too Busy To Blog?

I love blogging. There I’ve said it. I know many don’t “get” blogging. I do. And I can teach you the value of blogging for your own small business, bringing valuable visitors to your website. You’ve probably been around blogs and websites and online marketing long enough now to know that you need to be blogging, you ought to be blogging and you should be blogging.

But are you blogging?

I know there are plenty of small business owners who don’t enjoy it as much as I do and who consider themselves too time-poor to prioritise blogging. What if I could do your blogging for you?

I’d like to experiment with blogging for SMEs. I know we will need to speak at least once a month for at least an hour and I will record the call. In that time you will give me the meat of 5 blog posts based on your own expertise, what’s interesting right now in your niche, what challenges your clients are having and how you are helping and other messages you might want to get across.

You’ll empower me in the back end of your blog and I will take it from there.

Like the sound of it? Get in touch and let’s work out a way for me to do your blogging while you get on with doing what you love.

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