Tosha Silver’s Abundance Prayer

At the end of January, one of my newsletters was entitled A Weekful of Wonderful Women¬†because that was the story of my week. It included mention of Mary Oliver on her passing, and it concluded with a link to a blog I’d written about my Three Favourite Astrologers.

A long-time reader, Hilda, wrote to ask me if I knew of the work of Tosha Silver. Oh boy! Do I? As far back as 2014, I was introduced to Tosha’s book Outrageous Openness by David Barker who said the same, he thought I’d like her, and I’ve blogged about her twice voting her one of my three favourite books of 2014¬†and again on Day 3 of 31 Days of Abundance.

Hilda wrote:

“Do you know Tosha Silver? I have a sneaking suspicion you’d like her. Outrageous Openness is like a modern day version of Florence Scovel Shinn’s Game of Life and How to Play it. And she has a new book coming out on Feb 5th called It’s Not Your Money. (Because everything belongs to God.) She’s an astrologer too but that’s not her main focus these days. She’s always sharing insights around what’s happening astrologically though. Attaching her Abundance Prayer to give you a little taster. “

In addition to Tosha’s Outrageous Openness in Kindle format, I have the audio version because I love to hear her read it in her own voice and I especially love the tales she tells of being an astrologer for a long time on a newspaper in San Francisco.

Hilda attached a copy of Tosha’s Abundance Prayer in an attractive format which I am sharing with you today, as I scoot off to get my hands on the new money book. If that’s read by her I might get that in the audio format too. Ah no, it isn’t yet. Shame.

Find out more about Hilda and her Everyday Sanctuary website and Facebook Page

How wonderful it is to have woo woo colleagues with whom to be on the same wavelength. Thanks, Hilda.

Here’s Tosha’s Facebook Page from where you can find your way to her website too.

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