Entrepreneurs: Learning to Trust Yourself

MP900387776Yesterday was Day #1 of the 30 Day Challenge, let’s just call it 30DC now, shall we, since I will be blogging on this topic every day throughout June and I must, perforce, keep them short in view of the fact that I am already putting in an extra six hours a day as it is. And anyway, you’ll know what I’m talking about already, won’t you?

My plan is just to take one thought from each 30DC day and share it here, for the value of us all, and here’s today’s thought:

Learn to trust yourself.

Whilst I can teach you how to build a business and how to distinguish a good idea from a bad one, in answering tons of queries on Day #1 the main thing which I saw over and over was that people do not trust themselves to make their own decisions. Why on earth not? What has happened to us?

The Challengers sent me tons of queries and some of them were quite long and detailed, saying I could do this or this or this. And my job was to rootle looking for the good bits, what would make a good project to focus on for 30 days and hope to come out at the end with something of value either to you or to the wider world, even if only your Mum, your dog and your next door neighbour.

And as I whittled through the waffle, it was always in there, often hidden almost as if they hoped I wouldn’t spot it. And they always know it is. The thing they really want to work on is the very thing I often like best, the one I think it will work best. So do they, they just daren’t trust themselves to come right out with it.

Why’s that? Who’s beaten it out of us that We Know Best?

I always know best for me, in fact I’m a tad over-confident, so this isn’t my problem and it makes me sad that wannabe home-based business owners do not trust their own instincts, intelligence and inner guidance systems sufficiently yet, in the main, to come right out with it and say – yes! This is mine, and I don’t care who knows it.

That’ll be my job for now then, and I shall also make it my business to train them to learn to trust themselves more over the remainder of the thirty days. Wouldn’t that be a great bonus outcome for the Challengers?


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