Trust: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Seven

TrustOn Wednesday I had a day out with les girls. Here’s what happened.

K left her home without her purse and yet magically turned up at the venue, despite having no money and no credit cards. I bought her lunch and a post-gig drink.

R left home without the tickets or the joining instructions, but magically turned up at the venue having bumped into someone at the station who looked like they were going to the same place (!). The event organisers then took over any potential stress from her by simply lifting the problem from her shoulders. Sigh of relief.

S got lost on the way to the venue because she couldn’t see the map on her phone in the sunshine and yet magically arrived at precisely the starting time (when we’d all had to queue in the heat). She slipped into a seat we had reserved for her in the back row (so no-one noticed), with the breeze at her back from the open doors and next to one of the spiritual leaders in the audience that any one of us would have killed to sit next to.

A didn’t have quite enough cash on her to pay for her own lunch and the cafe wouldn’t take her card for the amount of her spend, so the speaker’s wife bought her an abundant (free) lunch. A is in my life to teach me the art of receiving, accepting and allowing.

When I was talking to S the next day she told me that even better than that, she’d printed the “wrong” tickets at the railway station and feared for a while that she was travelling without a ticket, until she realised that she had in fact booked them in the “wrong” order, making the wrong tickets right. Go figure.

What should we all learn from this?

  • We don’t need to be perfect.
  • We don’t need to worry so much.
  • We don’t need to sweat the small stuff, The Big U’s got our back.
  • We are looked after.
  • And all is well.

Trust. We can trust in that. We can trust ourselves. We can trust others. We can just trust. Everything is perfect, just exactly as it is.

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