Twitter Updates for 2010-01-20

  • Nothing like getting your accounts/expenses up to date for a nice feeling of control… apart from possibly filing and SHREDDING #
  • @Eastsideprop Feels SO good when it stops though, virtuous. in reply to Eastsideprop #
  • @Jason_Manford Yes, he did. Wasnt it him on the soundtrack of Notting Hill? in reply to Jason_Manford #
  • Just noticed have toothpaste gobbed elegantly down top but Post Office man and Estate Agent both neglected to mention it #
  • Heavy Snow forecast again for tomorrow. Surely some mistake? #
  • Thanks @ClaireRaikes for timely, friendly reminder that my playing small doesnt serve anyone least of all me – as IF ! #
  • Christmas Turkey Trip Woman Home: 30 days after she set out from remote Scottish HIghlands I LOVE this story! #
  • @TechCoach EXPLAIN!! What is Canadian Tire money and what's it worth?? in reply to TechCoach #
  • Working virtually or virtually working? #
  • What's on your Top 10 Wishlist for 2010 and is the business you are currently running the one to get you there? #
  • @AnnHarrison Well that was my point really Ann – well taken! in reply to AnnHarrison #
  • Thinking about Heinz tomato soup and fantasizing about decent flapjack #
  • @lynnelee My Mum made a fabulous one, golden syrup. Difficult to replicate though could probably find the recipe somewhere if I searched in reply to lynnelee #
  • @karenwise One for lunch, one for tea perhaps? in reply to karenwise #
  • @Sally_G Be careful, you have to do a lot of calorific testing before you find Flapjack Heaven. I like a little bar drizzled with chocolate in reply to Sally_G #
  • Are Entrepreneurs being legislated out of existence? Running out of workarounds to avoid the beastly bureaucrats. #

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